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Protect Your Investment. See an Esthetician.

Partnering with a Licensed Esthetician can maintain and enhance your cosmetic surgery outcomes! You’re well on your way into your 2017 resolutions and just wrapped up a long workout at the gym. Feeling famished, you scan the options beyond your windshield during your drive home. You pull into a Mc Donald’s for a Big Mac […]

Take the Guesswork out of Skincare with a Personal Skin Concierge

A Licensed Esthetician can help you reach your skin’s ultimate potential and save you time and money with MRewards Membership at FACE Cosmetic Skincare. Here’s how! Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products and options available to your skin in today’s market? If so, you are not alone! The beauty product industry […]

Laughing all the way to the Botox Bank

How buying your Botox now and banking it for later use can get you better results AND save you money! The team at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery is providing a whole new way to “invest in your beauty!” This holiday season marks the return of our “Botox Bank.” This strategy of pre-purchasing your Botox at […]

Beauty in Balance

Increase the longevity of your results AND pocketbook with the “Get Holiday Ready” (Liquid Facelift) Package! If you are looking for an effective, yet non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation, the so-called “Liquid Facelift” may be your answer. Using a combination of dermal fillers, and in some cases, neurotoxins like Botox; this comprehensive and balanced approach […]

Our All-Inclusive Approach

How prepping your skin can lead to faster healing times and enhanced surgical results “Our patients are often surprised to hear me say that a facelift procedure is not the end all, be all,” shares Dr. Griffin candidly. “The health and condition that the skin is in BEFORE the procedure can dramatically impact the quality […]

Shed the Dead!

The role of exfoliation in the pursuit of vibrant, beautiful and healthy skin! Winter is coming to the Midwest and you may have already seen the change of season manifest itself in your skin. The hydrated and bronzed days of summer are over and are quickly being replaced with dull, dehydrated and lackluster skin. Regardless […]

Banish Dark Spots and Brighten Up with IPL

Utilizing intense pulsed light therapy for your most even skin tone yet! Dull…muddy…uneven. Are these words that you think of when you look at your skin in the mirror? Maybe it’s especially noticeable now that your sun-kissed summer bronze has faded and small dark spots seem to be appearing everywhere, or perhaps this has been […]

“Lighten Up! You Don’t Have to Live with Dark Spots!”

For years, the focus of anti-aging treatments and creams has been on addressing wrinkles and fine lines, once considered the #1 sign of aging. Studies now show that most of us visually interpret “even skin coloration” as a true mark of a youthful complexion, far surpassing the presence of wrinkles. Therefore, the consumer has seen […]

Kiss the “Trout Pout” Goodbye

If there is one concern cosmetic injectors hear over and over again from first time patients, it is a fear of looking like one of the many ‘overdone’ and ‘over-filled’ celebrities they see on TV and gossip magazines. “Trout Pout, Cat Lady, Real Housewives…these are all references that patients give me of what they DON’T […]

Syringe Vs. Scalpel

The evolving role of cosmetic injectables in facial rejuvenation and restoration I recently had a patient tell me that a plastic surgeon advised them, “You can do so many things with filler these days that surgery isn’t necessary anymore.” While I agree that injectables have been an integral addition to the facial plastic surgeon’s armamentarium, […]

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