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Take the Guesswork out of Skincare with a Personal Skin Concierge

Take the Guesswork out of Skincare with a Personal Skin Concierge blog img

A Licensed Esthetician can help you reach your skin’s ultimate potential and save you time and money with MRewards Membership at FACE Cosmetic Skincare. Here’s how!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products and options available to your skin in today’s market? If so, you are not alone! The beauty product industry rakes in over 6 billion dollars a year in the United States and continues to grow rapidly. Beauty department stores, such as Ulta, are setting aggressive “Starbucks-like” goals of being a 20 minute drive from ‘anywhere’ by 2020. Everyday consumers see and hear about new products their favorite celebrities are hawking on QVC. So, how does the average person know how to navigate through this circus to decide what is right for THEIR skin type and condition? The answer is…they don’t! Not without help at least!

“My average client has bathroom cabinets FULL of products they aren’t using because they ended up not being right for their skin,” shares Cyndi, a licensed esthetician at FACE Cosmetic Skincare, a division of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “They are tired of wasting money and frustrated by the lack of results they are getting from these products,” she continues. “I am usually the first person who truly hears them out and takes the time to do a proper skin analysis to determine what products and procedures are most appropriate for them and their goals,” Cyndi states as she shakes her head.

Partnering with a licensed esthetician is literally like having a concierge for your skin! Not only can they identify the current state of YOUR skin and what it needs, they have the experience and product knowledge to match you with ingredients, products, and procedures that are customized to your goals. This can save an immense amount of time and money in the long run.

“Sometimes my clients are intimidated by the idea of ‘physician-grade’ skincare and what it may cost,” shares Cyndi. “This caliber of skincare isn’t full of cheap fillers and fragrance, it tends to have higher concentrations of active ingredients and company profits go straight back to R&D, NOT 5 million dollar celebrity endorsement contracts,” laughs Cyndi. She continues, “You’d be surprised at how much money you can save by having the RIGHT skincare recommended to you by a licensed esthetician who is actually trained to assess the skin and its health.”

The team at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery has taken this partnership three steps further by launching not only FACE Cosmetic Skincare, but also their MRewards Membership program. In addition, they have launched a physician and esthetician approved skincare line to make high quality products more affordable to their patients!

FACE is a division of the clinic that focuses solely on products and non-surgical procedures that allow patients to realize their skin’s true potential. It is here that licensed estheticians meet with patients and conduct thorough consultations to map out product and treatment plans unique to each person. FACE offers services such as clinical facials, chemical peels, and state of the art laser treatments.

“You need to know and understand where your skin has been, and the condition it is in now, to truly appreciate where it can be in the future,” instructs Cyndi. “Each patients’ skin has a unique story and I help them write the next chapter,” she laughs. Cyndi continues, “I am thrilled to be able to offer our patients the MRewards Membership, as it gives me the opportunity to meet with them on a monthly basis and monitor their progress and results!”

The MRewards Membership program was launched to assist clients in taking all of the guesswork out of what their skin needs, and to make products and treatments affordable. Clients meet with their licensed esthetician on a monthly basis for customized treatments and to ensure that their prescribed home care products are working effectively. Annual savings with this program can be extensive and include:

  • 15% off ALL SKINCARE
  • Discounts on Botox and Dermal Filler

“My clients love that we set goals for their skin together and check the progress monthly to make any tweaks or changes,” says Cyndi. “They feel confident with me at the driver’s wheel charting their course because they know I have their best interests at heart,” she says with emotion.

Curious about what a licensed esthetician can tell you about YOUR skin? Interested in saving thousands of dollars each year with MRewards? It’s easy! Call our clinic to set up your complimentary consultation with a licensed esthetician and start your journey today! 651.632.9700