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Protect Your Investment. See an Esthetician.

Protect Your Investment. See an Esthetician. blog img

Partnering with a Licensed Esthetician can maintain and enhance your cosmetic surgery outcomes!

You’re well on your way into your 2017 resolutions and just wrapped up a long workout at the gym. Feeling famished, you scan the options beyond your windshield during your drive home. You pull into a Mc Donald’s for a Big Mac and fries?

Wait a second! Something is wrong here, right? Why on earth would you choose to fuel up with junk food after you made a healthy and positive investment in your body? Believe it or not, this is EXACTLY what many patients do after a cosmetic surgery procedure. They buy cheap drugstore products that are laden with fragrance, fillers and chemicals and let Groupon dictate where they’ll receive their next facial.

Facial cosmetic surgery is a serious decision and investment. Why not protect it? With the right esthetician on your side to help navigate your options, you can dramatically increase the outcome AND longevity of your surgical results!

“One of the reasons our practice and our approach is so unique is how we partner our surgical patients with licensed estheticians after surgery,” states Dr. Christopher Tolan of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. He continues, “Surgery is only one piece of the ‘rejuvenation puzzle.’ Patients need to care for their skin after procedures to truly see the full potential of their results and make them last.”

To fully optimize this partnership between physician, esthetician and patient; Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery recently launched FACE Cosmetic Skincare. Dr. Tolan, as well as Dr. Griffin, had realized the immense potential that proper skincare and non-invasive esthetic treatments, such as laser, could bring to their surgical patients. FACE focuses on treatments that restore, enhance, and maintain optimal health and beauty in the skin. These are surefire ways to protect the investment of a surgical procedure!

“I not only have our estheticians prep my patients’ skin for surgery, I have them map out an entire post-operative plan,” states Dr. Tolan. “Regular visits with their esthetician will ensure that my patients are on the proper skincare routine to keep their skin strong, supple and healthy post surgery,” he continues. “In addition, our estheticians can recommend treatments that actually enhance patients’ surgical results, such as photorejuvenation to clear dark spots, or laser resurfacing to smooth acne scarring,” Dr. Tolan adds. “These are conditions that surgery doesn’t treat,” he concludes.

While cosmetic surgery is great at restoring lift to the face, as Dr. Tolan states, it does very little for conditions like facial redness, sun damage, enlarged pores or rough, uneven texture. This is where the expertise of an esthetician comes in! The licensed providers at FACE Cosmetic Skincare map out an ideal post-surgical plan for each patient. This includes comprehensive skincare products and treatment recommendations for not only post surgery, but also for the years to come to maintain your results!

In addition, Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery and FACE Cosmetic Skincare have launched MRewards. This membership program partners patients with an esthetician who, quite literally, acts as their skin concierge. Patients get the most customized skin strategy possible and save money while doing it! All members save 40% on all skin services at FACE Cosmetic Skincare.

“My partnership with our estheticians has been wonderful,” shares Dr. Tolan. “It gives me the security and confidence in knowing that our surgical patients will have optimal outcomes and that their results will LAST,” he continues. “This is a true partnership amongst experts who have the patients’ best interests at heart,” he concludes.

Considering facial plastic surgery? Call our clinic to schedule your consultation with Dr. Griffin or Dr. Tolan. Together, with our licensed estheticians, they’ll get 2017 situated to be your most beautiful year yet!