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The Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery Team

collectively emphasizes a unique approach to patient care, focusing on individualized treatment and a commitment to patient education. Our overarching vision is centered around precision, empathy, and personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs for plastic surgery in Minnesota.

Our Approach

With precision a cornerstone in our practice, every procedure, from surgical interventions to cosmetic injectables and skincare treatments, is meticulously planned and executed, focusing on the patient’s specific needs and desires. This extends to the use of advanced techniques and the latest developments in medical esthetics

Central to our approach as well is empowering patients with information and education. We believe in ensuring that each patient is informed, educated, and comfortable with their choices, whether they seek surgical procedures or non-invasive treatments. Our aim is to foster a sense of confidence and knowledge among patients.

We Are Partners

When you meet us, we want to create a calming, non-judgmental environment where patients from various backgrounds can enhance their natural beauty. We also make it a point to get to know our patients, earn their trust, educate them, and set realistic expectations for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

With our collective approach of precision, patient education, and personalized care, we ensure that every individual who seeks our services receives the highest level of attention and achieves results tailored to their unique goals. 

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Our Team

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Dr. Christopher Tolan

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Garrett Griffin

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zachary Farhood

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Anna Bakeman

Facial Plastic Surgeon


Injection Specialist









Before + After Results

View before and after photos of surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Tolan, Dr. Garrett Griffin, Dr. Zachary Farhood and Dr. Anna Bakeman in Minneapolis, MN.