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Facial Implants / Chin Implants

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Enhance the underlying structure of facial features such as your chin, cheeks and jawline and restore balance and proportion with Facial Implants.

While many cosmetic interventions at our Vadnais Heights, Eagan & Woodbury clinics are designed to rejuvenate the skin and restore a more youthful appearance, sometimes a more subtle but profound solution is needed. For some of us, insufficiencies of our facial bones create noticeable facial disproportions such as a recessed chin. Augmentation of these deficient areas can be performed using solid cheek, jaw or chin implants, restoring facial harmony. These implants can balance the appearance of the face by augmenting specific features and enhancing the contours and angles of the face.


  • Jaw (Mandibuloplasty)
  • Cheek (Malarplasty)
  • Chin (Mentoplasty)

The most common facial implants are cheek, jaw and chin implants. In some procedures, your surgeon will use a bone graft or donated tissue from the ribs or pubic bone instead of synthetic implants. However, the facial implants that are typically used are made of solid silicone or Gore-tex, a synthetic solid material similar in texture to silicone. Unlike breast implants, the silicone used in this procedure is solid, so the concerns associated with the liquid silicone used in breast augmentation are not relevant.

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In cheek augmentation, or malarplasty, the implant is inserted into a pocket made by the surgeon next to the cheek bone. Depending on your preference, the implant can be placed in such a way that it creates a more narrow and angular cheek or a softer, rounder cheek. You and your surgeon will discuss what placement will look best to enhance your existing features and appear the most natural.

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, can be used to make a weak chin more prominent. A small chin can make the nose seem disproportionately large, creating an imbalanced appearance. For this reason, chin augmentation is often done in conjunction with rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping. Your surgeon will discuss whether or not he believes this is a good recommendation with you.

Jaw augmentation, or mandibuloplasty, can be used to adjust the contours of the jawline. This procedure is commonly requested by men seeking a stronger and firmer jaw. A jawline augmentation is typically performed to create a squarer and more masculine jawline.

One of the many benefits of facial implants that make them so popular is that they require a relatively short recovery period. The surgery generally takes between one to two hours and patients are often able to return to their normal daily routine within one week. In some cases, your surgeon may discuss the use of dermal fillers such as Voluma® and Juvederm® to further enhance your surgery.

Patient Reviews

All joking aside, my chin was making me painfully self-conscious. I work out daily at the gym and eat clean, but the fat under my chin wouldn’t budge,” complains Jackie. “When I heard about this new fat melting injection, Kybella, on the news, I immediately made an appointment for a consultation with Midwest Facial Plastics.

Facial Implants Before & After

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  • Weak or recessed chin
  • Weak or soft jawline
  • Flattened cheeks
  • Disproportionate features
  • Imbalance of facial features
  • Bone loss due to disease or injury


  • Restore facial portions and balance
  • Strengthen a weak chin or jawline
  • Restore the apples to the cheeks
  • Create esthetically pleasing contours and angles to the face
  • Recreate structure to the face due to bone loss

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