Chemical Peel

Clear acne, improve skin tone and texture, soften fine lines, and get a powerhouse GLOW with Chemical Peels.

If you are looking to address a specific condition on your face or body such as acne, sun damage, or premature aging, chemical peels can offer incredible versatility and results! Unlike their exfoliation counterparts such as Microdermabrasion and Dermablading, Chemical Peels rely on a chemical reaction, not physical, to dissolve the bonds between dead skins and our skin. Not only does this unveil fresh and healthy skin, it also allows your esthetician to customize your treatment to your specific needs and concerns!

Your Consultation

After your esthetic consultation, your Licensed Esthetician will make recommendations on which Chemical Peel will be of most benefit to you. This will be based on your key areas of concern, the current state of your skin, and days of downtime desired. She will also instruct you on how to properly prep your skin before your peel, as this can lead to significantly better results.

Which Chemical Peel is Right for Me?

Different acids used in Chemical Peels target different skin conditions. For example, Salicylic Acid is highly effective in killing excess bacteria on skin due to acne, while Lactic Acid is beneficial in targeting and lifting excess pigmentation from sun damage. When applied to the skin, the acid compounds create a chemical reaction on the skin’s surface. The sensation of a chemical peel can range from a slight prickling to a moderate sunburn sensation depending on which peel is being used. This feeling quickly subsides.

Chemical Peel Recovery

Many patients love the way their skin looks immediately after a peel — fresh, dewy, and hydrated! With most chemical peels, flaking and peeling will begin after 2 to 3 days. With some peels, you will not even notice the flaking; for others it can be dramatic! This sloughing of dead cells can continue for up to 10 days depending on which peel is being used. Your Esthetician will advise you on proper post treatment care during this time. It is important not to pull or pick at shedding skin. Once the peeling process is complete, you’ll enjoy fresh, smooth and vibrant skin for weeks to come!

Chemical Peel Results

With each subsequent peel, and as your skin naturally turns over from month to month, new and undamaged cells will begin to surface. Although results may be seen with one Chemical Peel, a series of chemical peels is recommended for optimal results. Treatments take about 30 minutes and can be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.


  • Prematurely aged skin
  • Liver spots & brown spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Irregular skin pigmentation and hyperpigmentation
  • Rough skin and scaly patches
  • Superficial Scars
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Acne or acne scars


  • Even skin texture and tone
  • Clear skin
  • Clean pores
  • Smooth and soft skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of superficial scarring
  • Reduction in acne, blackheads and whiteheads

Save with MRewards

If you are a minimalist, a series of chemical peels quarterly, along with a sophisticated home care regimen, is a great skin care strategy! Please consider our MRewards Program to receive the best savings on your Chemical Peels and home care products. In some cases, your Licensed Esthetician may even recommend other complimentary services such as SkinPen® or IPL to enhance your results!

Skin Medica Illuminize Peel

Face Cosmetic Skincare proudly offers the Skin Medica Illuminize Chemical Peel and our custom developed Fresh-Faced Peel and Time-Reversal Peel!


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Learn More with a Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about Glycolic Acid Peels & other Chemical Peels? Schedule a consultation with our staff to find out if it is right for you.


Before + After Results

View before and after photos of surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Tolan, Dr. Garrett Griffin, Dr. Zachary Farhood and Dr. Anna Bakeman in Minneapolis, MN.