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Neck Lift

Correct a “double chin,” tighten a loose “turkey neck,” and embrace a more youthful profile with a Neck Lift.

Many of us are dissatisfied with our neckline. Regardless of if it’s a “double chin” that runs in our family or loose, sagging skin as a result of environmental damage and aging, our necks can be an area that many of us feel vulnerable about or embarrassed to show. Whether done as an isolated procedure or combined with a facelift, a surgical neck lift is designed to correct these unfavorable traits and take years off our your appearance as a result.

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The loss of definition around our jawlines and the excess skin under our chins is a normal progression of aging. Our facial bones, fat and muscle act as scaffolding to provide structure and lift to the face. When we are young, our facial structure is heart-shaped, like an upside down triangle. As we age, we lose this bone and fat and, as a result, we see skin sag and create heaviness along the jawline. This can manifest as fullness under the chin (double chin), and/or excess skin (turkey neck).

Who is a good candidate for neck lift?

To decide this, you and your physician must first assess whether your dissatisfaction with your neck area stems from too much fullness (double chin), or excess skin and sagging (turkey neck). Liposuction, or removal of fat from the neck, is different than a neck lift and does not address laxity of the skin. In fact, people with double chins or turkey necks are not considered ideal candidates for neck liposuction, because if you remove fat and don’t tighten the skin, the neck can have even more of a turkey neck look, appearing “saggy.” Individuals with a full neck with minimal jowl formation and some skin laxity would be considered good candidates for a traditional neck lift.

Men and women with moderate jowl formation and skin excess are best served with a traditional facelift as there is limited improvement in the jowl area with a traditional neck lift alone. Younger individuals typically have skin that is more resilient and will generally have a longer lasting result than those persons whose skin has moderate laxity. Furthermore, studies have shown that younger people are generally more satisfied with their neck and/or facelift. If you are a younger patient, your physician may discuss alternative options with you such as Kybella®.

Just like facelifts, there are several methods and approaches to a neck lift. A traditional neck lift uses the same incision as a facelift, however it is not carried as high in the front of the ear. In addition, the jowl is not improved to the same degree as with a facelift. Because of the complementary benefits of these two procedures, all facelifts at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery include a neck lift to ensure an overall balanced rejuvenation.

An anterior neck lift can be an appropriate option for the right patient. The disadvantage of this method is that it does not improve the jawline and really only addresses the area directly below the chin. Also, the location for the incision is placed directly below the chin and as such can be visible much more so than the location for a traditional neck lift.

The approach for your neck lift procedure will be dependent upon your age, your individual anatomy, your gender, and the condition of your overlying skin. To determine what would be the best way to address your double chin or turkey neck, it is best to consult with our Facial Plastic Surgeons as we have many different options at our Woodbury and Eagan clinics.


  • Double Chin / Submental Fullness
  • Sagging Skin / Turkey Neck
  • Loose skin along jawline
  • Heavy jowls


  • Defined jawline
  • Improved profile
  • Tighter, more smooth skin on neck
  • Reduced double chin
  • More youthful appearance

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