Injection Specialist

Angela has always known that she wanted to work in the medical skincare field, but it took her time to decide which profession would best suit her dream.

She laid the foundation for her training by pursuing a degree in Premedical Studies. During college, she worked in Urgent Care and Dermatology for Mayo Health Systems and gained tremendous experience and exposure to various facets of each field. Although she initially aspired towards a career as a dermatologist, Angela’s experiences made her realize that she wanted to focus on medical skincare’s cosmetic aspect. As a result, she became a Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician in 2003.

Angela’s Background

After working as an esthetician for several years after school, Angela decided to open her own business, Real Skin Health. Here she was able to address all aspects of her patient’s skin health and appearance, including the use of cosmetic injectables like Botox® Cosmetic and the Juvéderm® Collection of dermal fillers. She grew to love how these treatments could skillfully be used to bring out a patient’s natural beauty and restore a more youthful-looking appearance.

Angela’s Experience and Expertise

Angela values connection with her patients. She believes you need more than just passion and skill to be successful in medical esthetics; you need warmth, compassion, empathy, and a great set of ears for listening as well! Angela feels very fortunate to be part of a team of providers at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Face Cosmetic Skincare who share her sentiments and invest in the entire patient experience.

As an Injection Specialist, Angela is a perfectionist who prides herself on being incredibly friendly, authentic, and approachable. With the rapid advancements in medical esthetics, she sees it as her responsibility to help guide her patients to the treatments and products that are best for them. Angela aspires to dispel any fear or intimidation cosmetic injectables may hold for some patients and encourage you to see the significant role they can play in making you feel and look like the best version of YOU.

When not smoothing a patient’s fine lines and wrinkles or achieving a perfect pair of lips with filler, Angela can be found traveling to coastal regions with her family. She also loves dabbling in interior decorating and formulating her own body lotions and soaps. Angela tends to embrace all activities that create beauty!


Before + After Results

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