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Forever Young BBL™

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Enjoy a multitude of benefits in just one treatment! Forever Young BBL™ improves skin’s overall appearance and health by removing sun damage, reducing facial redness, and softening fine lines.

If you are concerned about sun damage, rosacea, and your skin’s overall radiance, this treatment is for you! The Forever Young BBL™ treatment is a triple-threat brightening and rejuvenating treatment that not only improves your skin’s present appearance but also offsets the signs of aging for years to come. Treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage, broken blood vessels, enlarged pores, and even fine lines while you encourage the production of healthy new collagen and elastin on your face, neck, chest, back and beyond!

Forever Young BBL™ utilizes the power of light, or Broad Band Light (BBL) to safely treat a whole host of skin concerns in one treatment virtually anywhere on your body. During treatment, a broad range of light is directed onto the skin that is absorbed by your skin’s melanin, or pigment. This feature is what allows BBL to be so effective in the treatment of sun damage. Because sun damage is comprised of pigment cells that have accumulated, they stand out as a distinct and obvious target to BBL. In turn, they intensely absorb the light and pigment is broken down and destroyed. Your provider may also adjust your BBL treatment to target hemoglobin in blood instead of pigment, thus allowing the BBL to target small broken blood vessels and diffuse facial redness. As an added benefit, BBL encourages the production of collagen and elastin during treatment which leads to an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

Before your treatment, your provider will ensure that you are a good candidate for Forever Young BBL™. If your skin is currently tan, or you are a darker skin type, your certified laser technician may recommend a different course of treatment to ensure your skin’s safety. She will also discuss properly preparing your skin for treatment with homecare products and omitting the use of such ingredients like retinol, a week before your procedure.

During your Forever Young BBL™ treatment, a light application of clear gel will be applied to your skin to help direct the light emitted from the handpiece and to keep your skin cool and comfortable. Goggles or eye shields will also be used to protect your eyes from the bright, pulsed light of the treatment. Next, you’ll experience a warm, snapping sensation against your skin as the handpiece works in a grid-like pattern over your treatment area. Your provider may pay special attention and administer multiple pulses or passes on such problem areas as sun spots or facial vessels. Treatment time is dependent upon the location you have treated, but a full face can take as little as 20 minutes.

Immediately after your Forever Young BBL™ your skin will feel warm, slightly sensitive and may be flushed, like a light sunburn. Also, you may experience small areas of swelling where your provider administered extra pulses, primarily if your treatment focused on facial vessels and redness. Cold packs may be applied to these areas if necessary, but most symptoms subside

within 24 hours. Your certified laser technician will discuss proper skincare to use after your treatment, and it is imperative that you apply a physical SPF 30 daily for the month following your procedure to avoid complications.

Throughout the next few hours and days, your dark spots will get darker, and you may notice even more! Don’t worry! This result is entirely normal and a desirable outcome. Darkening indicates that pigment on the surface of your skin (and also below) has absorbed the BBL and that the pigment is beginning to shatter and break apart. It will be tempting to pick at these small areas of darkness, but this can damage the fresh skin that is emerging. You are encouraged not to pick and let skin cells slough off on their own time. This process may take up to two weeks.

If your Forever Young BBL™ focused on facial veins and redness, you may experience tenderness on your cheeks and any areas where individual vessels were treated for up to a week. Again, this is normal and a sign that the vessels in these areas have responded to treatment. You can wear makeup immediately following your treatment and return to work the same day as your Forever Young BBL™. But, it is advisable to discuss your social calendar with your provider to ensure you look your best for events and special occasions.

Results are observed in as little as two weeks with Forever Young BBL™. Dark spots disappear to reveal a more even complexion. Facial redness begins to dissipate, and chronic flushing begins to subside. All the while, your skin is turning back the clock on fine lines and future aging by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. While noted improvement occurs with one treatment, Forever Young BBL™ is recommended in a series of 3 treatments spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Once you complete your series, you are encouraged to schedule an annual maintenance treatment each year to maintain your results and address any new damage.

Because Forever Young BBL™ is one of the most effective and popular treatments we offer, many of our patients make it part of their annual maintenance program for their skin. Save on Forever Young BBL™ and other services and products we offer by joining our MRewards Program!


• Sun damage, dark spots, hyperpigmentation

• Broken capillaries and chronic flushing

• Diffuse redness

• “Liver” and age spots


• Improved skin tone and clarity

• Clearing of facial vessels

• Reduction in facial redness and flushing

• Increased collagen and elastin production

• Diminished appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores

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