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Why Should I Undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery?

You may undergo rhinoplasty if you have cosmetic concerns that you want to address in your nose such as symmetry, shape, or size for a more pleasing facial profile. Patients also undergo rhinoplasty surgery to correct medical conditions, breathing issues, and nasal problems, including injury and deformities.

Will I Need Touch-Ups After My Nose Surgery?

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, there are cases that require postoperative touch-ups for improved outcomes. The tissues swell during the operation and there are other limitations to specific surgical techniques that could not address some underlying issues. After the healing process is complete, touch-ups may be required to improve the aesthetic results.

Can Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is generally not covered by insurance. If you undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, it is not covered by insurance. However, if rhinoplasty is performed for medical correction or revision, your insurance plan may be able to cover the surgery.

What Is the Age Requirement for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed for teens as young as 13 years old. It is important that the nasal structure is fully developed before the surgery can be recommended.

What Type of Anesthesia Will Be Used?

The type of anesthesia administered during nose job surgery depends on the complexity of the procedure. General and local anesthesia are the usual choices. The recommended anesthesia will be discussed during the development of your customized treatment plan during your consultation.

Will There Be Visible Scars?

There is minimal scarring during open rhinoplasty surgery when the incisions are done at the base of the nose. The surgical incisions are done along the natural contours of your nose where it is not visible.

When Can I Go Back to Work After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Some patients are able to go back to work a week after rhinoplasty surgery. Keep in mind that there may be residual swelling and bruising for up to two weeks.

When Can I Resume My Exercise Routine?

The nose will be puffy, swollen, and bruised for the first few weeks. You may not want to step into the gym right away to allow the tissues to heal and the swelling to subside. However, you may be able to resume light exercises two weeks after your rhinoplasty procedure.

When Can I See the Final Results?

The results of rhinoplasty surgery are visible after three to six months. In more complex operations, it may take a year to fully heal and see the final outcome.

Can Rhinoplasty Be Combined with Other Facial Procedures?

Yes, a nose job may be paired with other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid lift, brow lift, and facelift surgeries for a more balanced facial profile. Non-surgical treatments may also be done in combination with rhinoplasty for improved facial rejuvenation.

Will A Nose Job Affect My Breathing?

You may notice some impediments to your breathing while your nasal tissues are healing. The swelling and inflammation in your nose may last for several weeks and you may have some trouble breathing during that time.

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