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Testimonials for
Dr. Tolan

Dr. Tolan helped us tremendously!

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Tolan helped us tremendously! We are thankful to find him.


I enjoy seeing Dr. Tolan

5 5 Star Rating
I enjoy seeing Dr. Tolan. He projects confidence and he has the respect of his subordinates (yes, I;ve talked to them about him).


I have been highly recommending him to people

5 5 Star Rating
He is a great Dr. and an overall great guy. I have been highly recommending him to people.


He is the BEST doctor

5 5 Star Rating
He is the BEST doctor – ever!


Pleasant, Not Intimidating

5 5 Star Rating
Pleasant, not intimidating, spoke in terms that I could understand, knowledgeable


Very Pleased

5 5 Star Rating
Very pleased with the care I received. He took time to explain what he was doing and why.



5 5 Star Rating
Look no further. Dr. Tolan and the entire team is amazing. I’ve been a client for many years, and refer many friends and even my mother to their offices. Very professional and love the “less is more” approach. Sarah is my only go to for facials. If you haven’t tried a hydrofacial, book one soon. I can’t praise this clinic high enough, no need to look any further. This is the A team, on time and skilled all around.


by AP


5 5 Star Rating
The staff is professional and personable. I have seen Dr. Tolan for several years and have been extremely satisfied with the results of treatments. I have facials with Amie, and it really feels like such a treat for myself. I would recommend this team to anyone who wants to look their best, without looking like they had help to get there.


by KW


5 5 Star Rating
I highly recommend Dr. Tolan and his entire staff in Woodbury for anyone’s skincare needs. The care is top notch and thorough.


by AS


5 5 Star Rating
I saw Dr. Christopher Tolan at both the Woodbury and Eagan locations to remove a benign pillar cyst (bump from ingrown hair follicle) that had developed on the left side of the bridge of my nose, where glasses would sit. This was an extremely slow growing “hard ball” under the skin, that took 15 years to get big enough to be noticeable to others. I had asked my Mayo Clinic doctor about the bump a few years ago, and he said, “yea, it’s just a cyst.” Once it was large enough that it was bothering me and many were commenting on it, I knew it I wanted it to be removed and I asked my doctor who should I go to? Without any hesitation he said from his memory, “You want to go to Christopher Tolan”. After a free initial consultation, I felt confident in his skills, his facility, his reputation and his professional team. A few weeks later, the surgery took place in Woodbury at their surgery center, and it took about 1 hour. It was easy, painless and not scary. The entire surgery team was professional, friendly and put me at ease. I was not in much pain afterwords, and went to work the next day. They sent the cyst off to the lab, just to make sure it was benign, and they called a week later to confirm that. I am thrilled with the cosmetic look of the final look of the incision and scar. It will only keep getting more invisible as time goes on. It’s as good as I hoped and nearly invisible. I had three followup appointments with him at the Eagan location which is very close to my work. After about 4 months I am done with follow up appointments. Thanks Dr. Tolan! I am glad I found you and trusted my face to your expertise and surgery skills!


by JG

Jackie’s Story

5 5 Star Rating
Kybella Image_Sept2016

Some of us inherit favorable family traits like our mother’s emerald green eyes, or our father’s dark full hair. But, what if the feature that is passed onto us is the dreaded ‘double chin’? Luckily, a new injectable on the market, Kybella, promises to make turtlenecks a thing of the past and let patients embrace a whole new profile.

“I knew I couldn’t escape it. My dad’s side of the family calls it the ‘Bullfrog Neck’, and while my sister was skipped, my brother and I succumbed to this unfortunate genetic legacy,” laughs Jackie, a Woodbury, MN healthcare professional who asked that her last name not be used for professional reasons.

“All joking aside, my chin was making me painfully self-conscious. I work out daily at the gym and eat clean, but the fat under my chin wouldn’t budge,” complains Jackie. “When I heard about this new fat melting injection, Kybella, on the news, I immediately made an appointment for a consultation with Midwest Facial Plastics.”

“We’ve been limited for years in non-surgical treatment options for the chin area,” says Dr. Christopher Tolan, an ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastics and a national physician trainer for Kybella. “We could, somewhat, downsize a double chin with tightening lasers, or mask the appearance by using dermal fillers along the jawline, but never consistently address it,” explains Dr. Tolan. “The addition of Kybella to our practice allows me to improve the appearance of the chin area for patients, and heighten their confidence,” he adds.

Kybella is the first, FDA approved, injectable for the treatment of sub mental fullness, or “double chin”. It is precisely injected, by your provider, into the areas of excess fat under your chin. In time, it progressively destroys the fat cells there, and your lymphatic systems clears them from your system permanently. Depending on the quantity of fat in the treatment area, multiple treatments may be needed. These are spaced 8 weeks apart, with full results seen 16 weeks after your initial injection.

“I still can’t believe the results,” exclaims Jackie, now a regular patient of Dr. Tolan. “I had quite a bit of fat there to start, so I needed the full 4 treatments, but I literally watched my chin change each month in the mirror. My results from Kybella have vastly improved my confidence in my appearance,” she continues.

“I even got Botox at my second Kybella appointment with Dr. Tolan,” Jackie proclaims. “I felt so much better about myself that I wanted to check out other treatments to make me look as young as I feel. That huge crease between my eyebrows was driving me crazy and people kept asking me if I was tired or mad at them. These are obviously NOT good questions from people when you’re a nurse,” laughs Jackie!

“Jackie is like many of our female patients, she initially comes to the practice with a specific concern, and once that concern is resolved, she becomes curious in other treatments to naturally improve her appearance, “explains Dr. Tolan. “It’s exciting to see the landscape of this industry change as women take a more proactive role in maintaining their skin’s health and appearance,” he continues.

Call today to schedule a consultation for Kybella, or any other treatment at Midwest Facial Plastics 651.632.9700!


by Defy

I feel fantastic! I’m able to breathe a lot better.

5 5 Star Rating
I want to thank Dr. Tolan for doing such an amazing job with my rhinoplasty surgery. I absolutely love my nose! There doesn’t appear to be any swelling at all that I can see, but I know it takes awhile for it to heal. I feel fantastic! I’m able to breathe a lot better. Thank you so very much!


by AS

I am comfortable getting surgery under his care.

5 5 Star Rating
I was very impressed with how prepared Dr. Tolan was for my appointment. While I hadn’t seen him in years (8-10) and I didn’t remember my own history, he took the time to review my incident and spoke very knowledgeably about my patient history, even providing pictures documenting my last visit. He clearly outlined my options, and explained the potential surgery process, which was helpful.
He was professional, personal, and instrumental in guiding me to making an informed decision. I am comfortable getting surgery under his care.


by CG

My best friend of 35 years told me that I look so relaxed and younger

5 5 Star Rating
I am loving the results! My best friend of 35 years told me that I look so relaxed and younger since I retired. She does not know about any of the procedures I’ve had. Everything is great, the filler for my tear troughs is something I will want to do again. I can’t thank you enough!!!


by NR

I now live more at peace with my face and with my own beauty

5 5 Star Rating
Facelift & Juvederm


by NW

Thanks for your hard work and “artistic” skill

5 5 Star Rating
Thanks for your hard work and “artistic” skill. It’s been very uplifting!


by JH

Your team was a Godsend

5 5 Star Rating
I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Tolan and the Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Esthetic Skincare staff for the reconstructive surgery for my husband. Your team was a Godsend. My husband and I have been married for 28 years and have four kids. He’s always been a confident man, but occasionally I would see him become so self-conscious about his cleft lip and nose it tore at my heart. I know it pained him. This never happens anymore. It’s been over a year since his first initial surgery and I’ve wanted to share with you how much I appreciate you helping others to see (at least physically) what I’ve always seen (spiritually) about my husband…the wonderful handsome man he is! I know he views you as a dear friend and incredible doctor. Thank you for sharing your God given talent.


by LC


5 5 Star Rating
I love the results. Love them, love them, love them. I am going to get the peels and Botox from Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Esthetic Skincare for as long as I live. Wonderful. FIVE STARS! LOVE IT!


by KD

Testimonials for
Dr. Griffin

Great Results

5 5 Star Rating
Great results


Highly Skilled Surgeon

5 5 Star Rating
I have found Dr. Griffin to be a highly skilled surgeon who listened carefully to my requests and preferences, answered all my questions pre- and post- surgery, and provided clear information. I’m very please with the results of my surgery and with all of my interactions with Dr. Griffin and his staff.



I beam with confidence everywhere I go!

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Griffin,

I just want you to know how thankful I am to you for everything that you’ve done for me since my consultation, until now. You have helped me be optimistic throughout the entire process. I could not be happier with the results of my septorhinoplasty and I beam with confidence everywhere I go! Oh, and it helps that I can now breathe too :)

I cannot thank you and your team enough!

P.S. You have a super cool x-ray tech :)



by BH

Thank you for giving me peace of mind

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Griffin,

Thank you for:

  1. being persistent with ___ to get her procedure done.
  2. taking such great care of her during the procedure and doing such a thorough job.
  3. giving a mother, who her loves her daughter more than anything in the world, peace of mind.



by DS

I can’t say thank you enough Dr. Michaelangelo!

5 5 Star Rating

Dr. Michelangelo

“Hello Dr. Girffin,
I tried to send this via email but once again I am technology challenged. You operated on my husband _____ face on ________. His follow up caregivers have all told us they were expecting a bizarre looking person according to the facial fractures he sustained that were documented in the chart and were surprised at how perfect his face looks now. One of the therapists said ____ it looks like Michaelangelo must have operated on him. His eye site is improving also. I can’t say thank you enough Dr. Michaelangelo!”



by Dr. Michelangelo

I want to thank you and your associate for going “the extra mile

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Griffin,
So often we fail to express appreciation for those who attend to our everyday needs. This is certainly true who service our medical needs. However I want to thank you and your associate for going “the extra mile” in diagnosing, planning, preparation details and expert surgery skills and healing care during my surgery. Thanks for your patience, kindness and overall medical care for this 96 yr (not easy to care for) patient. Please express my appreciation to the many staff members.


by RC

Thank you for everything

5 5 Star Rating


by NW

I feel greatly relieved, happy, and confident

5 5 Star Rating
My experience with this office was TOPS from the first phone call for setting an appointment, to the receptionist at the front desk when I arrived, to the nurse who took me back to the studio and prepared me, and to the doctor who did my surgical procedure. I am extremely grateful and happy for my entire experience with MFPS and the results of Dr. Griffin’s precision work which removed a lump from the center of my face with minimal scarring (in fact it is practically invisible, amazing). I am most pleased and delighted. It was the best health care experience I have had all year–a total success. I have been proud of Dr. Griffin’s work (since the moment I took off the bandage some days after the procedure), and I have been singing his praises ever since, referring my friends to Dr. Griffin for their future reference, should they ever need a facial plastic surgeon. Thank you so very much for your professional expertise and help! I feel greatly relieved, happy, and confident for all that we accomplished together. It was great team work, a winner solution. I cannot think of one thing to improve my experience. Keep up the great work. I will be happy to come again if/as needed.


by LC

An excellent surgeon

5 5 Star Rating
I want to commend Dr. Griffin for his demeanor and calming way as I was very anxious. He explained each step of the surgery on my nose. I had basal cell cancer removed. I felt comfortable and confident that I had someone who knew I was anxious and knew how to allay my fears. I was elated when he removed the stitches and I saw my nose looking as normal as it had before the cancer. He is truly an excellent surgeon and I would not hesitate recommending him to my family and friends.


by JL

Very impressed. Everything was excellent.

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Griffin has an exceptional bedside manner, and is highly skilled and competent. Very impressed.
Everything was excellent.


by AN

I was very happy with the treatment

5 5 Star Rating
Dr. Griffin spent plenty of time with me and discussed lots of options. He was honest and direct about my appearance and ways to improve it. He was not at all pushy. I was very happy with the treatment and would recommend Dr. Griffin to anyone interested in facial plastics or esthetic skincare.


by RW

Dr. Griffin is an artist, pure and simple, and has the best bed-side manner.

5 5 Star Rating
I was recently in for face fillers and botox, performed by Dr. Griffin. I have been simply astounded by the results. My closest family and friends just keep telling me I look great, but not one of them knows I had work done unless told. Dr. Griffin is an artist, pure and simple, and has the best bed-side manner. I am thrilled with the results and the experience. Never felt better. I am so happy with the results.


by SM

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