Get your smoothest skin possible with Dermablading! This treatment gently scrapes away weeks of dead skin cell build up and temporarily removes unwanted facial hair for unbelievable, baby soft skin.

Are you plagued by “peach fuzz” on your face? Maybe you are looking for a treatment to physically remove dead skin cell buildup, but don’t want to deal with the flaking commonly associated with chemical peels? Why not do BOTH in one treatment with Dermablading!

What is Dermablading?

Growing in popularity each year, Dermablading refers to a treatment that uses a small rounded blade, comparable to a scalpel, to carefully scrape the dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from your skin. The history of the treatment stems from the modeling industry, where photographers began to ask models to shave their faces before makeup application. This resulted in makeup and powders sitting closer to the skin and not atop of facial hair, yielding a better photo with less light refraction against the skin. It didn’t take long for this “insider technique” to hit the mainstream!

Dermablading Treatment

During your treatment, your Licensed Esthetician will thoroughly cleanse your face of any makeup. She will divide your skin into sections and carefully pull your skin taut as she gently scrapes a rounded blade across your skin towards your hairline. At the end of each row, several layers of dead cells, along with “peach fuzz,” will be removed. There is no pain or downtime associated with Dermablading and it can be performed monthly. It is especially beneficial before special event makeup, or just when you want to look your best! And no, contrary to the Old Wives Tale, your hair will not grow back thicker and darker. But, because all hair comes to a tapered end, it will be normal to experience a few days during regrowth in which the hair feels a little ‘blunt’ before it reaches a longer length.

*Please note, Dermablading is most appropriate for the removal of soft, fine vellus hair, or “peach fuzz.” It is NOT a suitable removal method for dark, coarse facial hair. In this case, Laser Hair Reduction is a more effective removal method.


  • Excess facial hair (soft, fine peach fuzz)
  • Dead skin cell build up


  • Velvety, smooth skin
  • Control excess “peach fuzz”
  • Better a makeup application
  • Enhanced absorption of subsequent products

Dermablading at Face Cosmetic Skincare

Dermablading can be scheduled as a stand alone treatment at Face Cosmetic Skincare, or as an add/on to many of our services. It is commonly added onto facial treatments that have light chemical exfoliants, as it enhances the absorption of these ingredients. It is also beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin, as Dermablading removes the dead buildup that can prevent a moisturizer from absorbing effectively.

A Licensed Esthetician requires special training to perform this service, as it is an advanced technique and special caution must be taken. She will discuss whether she thinks Dermablading is an appropriate treatment for you and your skin and if you may benefit from adding it to other treatments you pursue.

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Before + After Results

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