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Pucker Up! Volbella Gets You Valentine’s Day Ready!

Pucker Up Volbella Gets You Valentines Day Ready blog img

“Patients are just as nervous about getting their lips done for the first time as they probably were for their first kiss,” laughs Dr. Garrett Griffin, Facial Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Injector with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery.

Many women desire fuller and more defined lips, but they are gun shy to pursue dermal fillers because of some of the ‘overdone’ celebrities they see on popular TV shows. In reality, it is very rare to see a physician inject to such an excessive degree, and this style of enhancement, unfortunately, gives dermal fillers a bad name. The medical esthetics market is hearing women loud and clear and is answering with a family of new dermal fillers that are perfect for the first-time user!

Volbella® XC, created by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, was launched to select practices in late 2016. Being a national training center for Allergan, Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery was one of the first practices in the area to obtain Volbella® and to train other providers on its use. Approved by the FDA for use in lips and perioral (around the mouth) wrinkles, Volbella® is used to increase lip fullness and to soften the appearance of lines around the mouth for up to one year.

“Volbella® is like training wheels for a lip enhancement,” says Dr. Griffin, “It’s soft, pliable and completely reversible,” he shares. “Due to its softness and lightness, it is the perfect product for patients who want to explore fuller lips, but want to start conservatively.”

As we age, so do our lips! Many of us notice a decrease in the coloration of our lips, drooping at the corners, and those pesky little vertical wrinkles that are present even if we aren’t smokers. It is also common to lose the definition of the border of the lip, which gives our lips lift and structure.

“Dermal fillers like Volbella® are not solely intended to make the lips larger,” explains Dr. Griffin, “they replace the structure of the lip to what it was years ago.” He continues, “It’s not about getting bigger lips, it’s truly about restoring youthful fullness and definition.”

A lip enhancement can have a dramatic effect on the youthfulness of your face. Lips that have a defined border, turn up at the corners, and have fullness in the center are key visual signs of youth. In addition, beautifully balanced lips can balance the features of the entire face and soften your appearance.

“I love seeing the look on my patients’ faces when I hand them the mirror after their lip enhancement,” says Dr. Griffin smiling, “they all say they would have done this sooner if they’d known how easy it would be!”

Curious about boosting your “kissing confidence” this Valentine’s Day? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Griffin or Dr. Tolan to discuss a lip enhancement with Volbella! 651.632.9700