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Increase the longevity of your results AND pocketbook with the “Get Holiday Ready” (Liquid Facelift) Package!

If you are looking for an effective, yet non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation, the so-called “Liquid Facelift” may be your answer. Using a combination of dermal fillers, and in some cases, neurotoxins like Botox; this comprehensive and balanced approach to restoring facial volume can literally have you leaving your physician’s office looking 10 years younger in under an hour. What most patients don’t realize is that scheduling their quarterly injectable appointments this way and receiving multiple syringes of product at once, may not only heighten their results, but also save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run!

In a world in which we see “Real Housewives” with over-filled cheeks or lips on a daily basis, the average patient can quickly learn to appreciate that there is a balance to beauty. Excessive use of filler in one area of the face can minimize, if not stamp out, a beautiful understated feature in another panel of the face. In addition, if filler is consistently administered to only one area of the face, that area can eventually appear ‘heavy’ or draw the face downwards, leading to an unflattering and unbalanced esthetic. The proper use of dermal fillers should balance and compliment the natural beauty of the face, not caricaturize it or hide beautiful subtle features that make you YOU.

“I first went to Dr. Tolan at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery seeking Juvederm for the lines that run from the corners of my nose to the corners of my mouth, my nasolabial folds I guess they’re called” shares Wendy, a current Liquid Facelift patient. “Dr. Tolan acknowledged that I needed filler in this area, but also shared with me how having Voluma along my cheekbones would lift the middle of my face, further diminish the appearance of those lines, and increase the length of my results,” Wendy continues. “It was a no brainer for me,” she jokes, “do more now to get better results and save so I don’t need to do as much later and pay more” she laughs!

“Many of our injectable patients come into their appointments thinking that one syringe of filler will address every concern they have,” says Dr. Tolan, co-directing physician and owner of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “I spend a great deal of time educating them on how different fillers are indicated for, and work differently in, various parts of the face, and when performed together can have truly transformative results that LAST” he continues.

The visible signs of an aging face are not singular. They are multi-dimensional and can have a domino effect. For example, the loss of fat pads under our cheeks can lead to the flattening of our cheeks and cheekbones. The excess skin that lies atop now pulls downwards and increases the appearance of the lines that run from the corners of our nose to our lips. In turn, the corners of our lips droop downwards and lose their definition. Because the entire mid face has now fallen, this causes weight, or “jowling” of our jawline.

We can see how visiting your doctor and asking for one syringe of Juvederm to restore volume to the corners of your mouth, will do absolutely nothing for the rest of the face. Some would say it is like treating the symptom and not the cause. Your aging is unique to you, so the methods you take to restore youthfulness should be as well!

“I take a complimentary approach to balancing a face with dermal fillers,” continues Dr. Tolan. “Starting with a product like Voluma in the cheeks and along the cheekbones can trigger immediate lift to the mid face which patients love,” he shares. “As an added benefit, it may also diminish the look of under eye hallowing and the look of nasolabial folds,” he says. “As a result, patients now need less filler in these folds, so we can use the remaining Juvederm to restore structure and balance to the lip area and marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin,” he continues excitedly. “Or, we may use that product to give a little brow lift or smooth the jawline,” Dr. Tolan finishes.

Using more dermal filler initially seems to equate to using less in the future. It’s important to understand that 5 syringes of filler is equal to 1 teaspoon, and a good rule of thumb is to plan for one syringe of filler for each decade of your age (so if you’re 50 years old, you can estimate that you’ll need at least 5 syringes of filler to get to full correction.) When multiple dermal fillers are used at one sitting to address the multiple factors of aging, the fillers complement one another. In turn, the patient gets far better results than doing one syringe each visit. Framing your treatments with this approach can also save a patients hundreds of dollars a year, if not thousands, as each filler is increasing the longevity of the other’s results.

“We strongly recommend that our patients look at the big picture when scheduling their injectable appointments and we take the time to really explain where the aging on their face is truly stemming from,” informs Dr. Tolan. “This is why we encourage the Liquid Facelift,” he continues, “it gives our patients better and more immediate results, and saves them money in the long run,” he smiles.

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