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Skin Type vs. Skin Condition

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Learn the difference to get healthier skin while saving time and money!

Have you ever looked at your skin mid-afternoon and thought, “How can I possibly have these dry, dull, flaky patches when my skin is so oily?” Or maybe you fall into the tribe of, “My skin is so dry and tight, why isn’t this new hydrating serum working?” Understanding the difference between a Skin Type and Skin Condition is the first step in saving you time and money in your skin care routine.

We are born with our Skin Type. If everyone on your mother’s side has beautiful soft balanced skin, but is prone to facial redness, guess what? Those genetics will most likely be in your skin’s story as well! Our environment and our behaviors create a Skin Condition. Skin Conditions include concerns such as; premature aging, sun damage/pigmentation, acne, and dehydration.

If you think this difference could be important when choosing products that are suited to your skin’s concerns; you are right! One of the most common mistakes is treating ‘dehydrated skin’ (skin condition) as if it is ‘dry skin’ (skin type). Understanding the difference can drastically alter the health of your skin, and steer you towards products and treatments best suited to it.

Dehydrated skin lacks water, can be present on ANY Skin Type, and presents itself as tight, dull, flaky skin. This condition needs to be exfoliated and balanced with products such as hyaluronic acid serums, which bind water to the skin. The most common mistake estheticians see is patients trying to treat their dehydrated skin with thick, rich, oil-based creams that are geared towards dry skin. Creams like this will do absolutely nothing to treat this condition, can in fact, exacerbate it, and are, therefore, a waste of your investment.

Dry skin tends to be more systemic. Your whole body is dry and tight, including your hands, scalp and feet. This is due to a genetic lack of sebum, or oil in the skin. Although dry skin can also be dehydrated, hyaluronic acid serums will do very little for this skin type, as it needs the nourishment and barrier reinforcement of oil and other emollient ingredients.

The estheticians at Midwest Face are trained to recognize skin types and skin conditions. They will customize a skincare strategy to not only unveil your healthiest skin possible, but also save you time and money! Call now to schedule a skin analysis and physician-grade skincare consultation to set up your individualized skin routine!