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Looking for a Fresher Face?

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Do you ever feel like your face needs a pick me up? Does your skin look dull and tired? Or are you plagued by your fine lines, wrinkles and age spots?

Our new Fresh-Faced Signature Peel does more than just boost skin cell turnover! It’s a great option for treatment of hyperpigmentation (sun spots, freckles and uneven skin tone), pore size, fine lines & wrinkles and overall skin texture.

This medical-grade peel layers a combination of 7 acids and all-trans retinol complex to break up the damaged skin cells and promote healthy skin cell growth. It includes antioxidants in each step to minimize irritation, soothe and calm the skin.

The steps of the peel are complete when you leave the office, so there is no need for concern about your afternoon activities- you can swim, shower or apply makeup as soon as you’d like! Additionally, you can use your retinol products right up to the day of the peel- so no extra planning is necessary. The results will speak for themselves!

We’d love for you to experience this transformational peel – call us to schedule your appointment: 651-632-9700