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HOW to BROW: Streamline your Summer Beauty Routine

HOW to BROW Streamline your Summer Beauty Routine blog img

If eyes are the windows to the soul, than eyebrows are certainly the frames of the entire face! An expertly arched brow can create youthful lift while opening the eyes and giving them a refreshed look. But, a less than ideal brow shape can make features look unnecessarily heavy, or, on the opposite spectrum, unbalanced because of over tweezing.

With what seems like a literal arsenal of tools and devices available on the market to wax, tweeze, and thread your brows beautiful, it’s no wonder the average person is a bit overwhelmed by the process of getting her “ideal arch”. This is where the professionals come in! Having a licensed esthetician do the initial shaping of your brow will ensure that your shaping is custom-tailored to your unique features and personal ‘brow esthetic’.

Regardless of trends in fashion, an expertly arched brow will always look on-point when customized to your face shape and structure. But what if you feel as though your brows get lost on your face because of light coloration? The answer is the, oh so convenient, semi-permanent tinting. The right tint, matched to your individual coloring, can enhance the look of fullness and thickness of a brow and save you major time in your morning beauty routine!

Want to take it “a hair” further? Finish off your new look with lush dark lashes. Semi-permanent tinting can also be used on all colors of lashes and lasts for weeks! Kick the annoyance of running mascara to the curb. These services are the perfect solution for a low-maintenance summer at the beach or cabin!