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SkinTyte™ II + HydraFacial MD®

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SkinTyte™ II + HydraFacial MD®

Give your skin a Spring Awakening from the inside out!

Are you feeling ready to trade in your dull, dry Winter skin for a fresh, healthy and revitalized complexion?  Resurfacing treatments like chemical peels are fantastic for removing sluggish buildup that can leave your skin looking grey and sallow, while certain laser treatments can stimulate the production firming collagen and increase circulation to give you a rosy glow. Why not combine BOTH treatments for a real Spring Skin Renewal?

“Developing a skin care strategy that incorporates both laser skin tightening and professional exfoliation is like combining the best of both worlds,” says Kari Phippen, a licensed esthetician at Face Cosmetic Skincare.  “These treatments work in tandem to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out AND the outside in,” she explains.  “My favorite combination is our new SkinTyte™ II infrared treatment and HydraFacial MD®,” she continues.  “Although each treatment takes less than 30 minutes to perform and has zero downtime, the results are simply amazing!”

The HydraFacial MD® treatment has sky-rocketed in popularity over the past three years because of its “glow getting” results and its ability to pack a big punch of benefits in a simple, 30 minutes treatment.  Patients love that it’s like having four treatments in one.  Treatment includes a deep cleansing using a special wand with a patent-pending triple action tip. This tip simultaneously exfoliates your skin’s surface while penetrating a deep cleansing solution into deeper layers.  During this cleansing, light suction whisks away dirt and debris.  Next up, your skin is gently exfoliated with an abrasive wand and then bathed in a light chemical peel.  This peel is followed by comfortable suction assisted extractions of blackheads and skin congestion.  Finally, your skin refreshingly saturated with a cooling infusion of antioxidants, humectants, and nutrients.

*pssst… Face Cosmetic Skincare is one of the only practices in the Metro that includes FREE dermablading before our HydraFacials!

“When patients ask me, what is ONE treatment they can do that is affordable and easy to schedule, but will also significantly improve the health and appearance of their skin I tell them HydraFacial,” smiles Kari.  “They can’t believe the glow they leave with after this treatment and often remark how it is the most hydrated and soft their skin has EVER felt,” she continues.  “That why we make the HydraFacial an integral treatment of our MRewards Program.”

While HydraFacial revitalizes your skin from the outside in, laser skin tightening works deep below your skin’s surface to rejuvenate it from inside out.  SkinTyte II™ by Sciton® lasers uses targeted infrared light energy to safely heat your skin to a therapeutic level that stimulates collagen production, contraction and remodeling deep in your skin’s dermis.  Collagen is the component in our skin that keeps it tight, plump and smooth and its rateof production decreases in our late twenties.  What’s unique about SkinTyte II™ is that as it is heating the deeper layers of your skin, it is simultaneously cooling your skin’s surface to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment.  This process is completed without the need for topical numbing, surgery or downtime!

“One of my favorite treatment plans to set up for patients is alternating between HydraFacial and SkinTyte every two weeks,” explains Kari.  “We customize our HydraFacials to treat common skin concerns like sun damage, acne, or aging skin,” she continues, “so you see the continuous improvement to skin’s clarity, smoothness, and tone over the months,” she says.  “But, at the same time, SkinTyte is increasing your skin’s tightness, firmness, and elasticity by putting your collagen production into overdrive!  The result is skin that is absolutely luminous, but also tighter and smoother.  Plus!  the results continue to unfold for months after your last treatment!”

Ready for brighter, smoother and tighter skin?  Schedule a consultation with one of our licensed estheticians to discuss HydraFacial and SkinTyte II by calling (651) 632-9700.