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Graceful Aging – Don’t Leave it to Luck!

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Small treatments throughout the years can add up to a big impact on how your skin ages.

Although millions of people have cosmetic surgery each year and are treated with injectables like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, no one wants to look “done.”  Yet, we all have seen a celebrity on TV or even know someone in person who has that overdone look that suddenly appears after a “vacation.”  What if you could look great throughout the years AND natural without ever having anyone suspect you had something done?  It’s possible, but it takes planning!  As it turns out, having small procedures done throughout the years and maintaining your skin with modest amounts of BOTOX and dermal fillers may be just the small investment you need to have a significant impact on how gracefully your skin ages!

Older woman showing hour glass to her daughter

“The best surgical outcomes from plastic surgery are seldom heard about because no one knows you’ve had anything done,” smiles Dr. Garret Griffin, a double board-certified ENT / Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery.  “More than ever before, this is possible because so many patients are fine-tuning and “tweaking” along the way with smaller procedures and injectables, instead of trying to have everything addressed all at once on their 50th or 60th birthday,” he continues.  “If you progressively address changes in your skin as you notice them throughout the years, like a small neck lift, or smoothing facial wrinkles with dermal fillers, your visual transitions of aging will appear more youthful, natural and less dramatic.”

There seems to be a bit of a paradigm shift happening in the world of medical esthetics.  Prevention and “micro” dosing are at the forefront.  Skilled providers have long recognized the preventative value of BOTOX to delay, and in some cases completely prevent the formation of a wrinkle.  In addition, they are seeing the immense value of focusing on incremental treatments that progressively make tiny, adjustments as your skin ages.  The result?  The rate of visible aging is delayed, and skin continually has a more youthful appearance regardless of what year it is!

“It’s almost like a chronological less-is-more approach,” explains Dr. Griffin.  “You don’t fill up the gas tank all at once for the long journey your skin will take as it ages; instead you softly address and adjust along the trip to ensure beautiful and natural results through the decades,” he continues.  “This approach is not only more natural looking; it can be more affordable and cost-effective over the longer run.  Besides, it’s always easier to add more than take away, so it allows your results to build slowly and never have an overdone look.”

Photo showing young and old face of a woman

Chances are, your favorite celebrity who you assume is some blessed genetic mutant that has escaped aging all together is actually taking this approach.  Because their livelihood is so integrated with their appearance, many of these people start addressing aging far earlier than the rest of us.  They avoid any “major overhauls” because they run the risk of not looking like themselves afterward.  Instead, they focus on small changes that are almost imperceptible but add up throughout the years to dramatically preserve their youthful appearances.

“My first recommendation to patients who want to have beautiful, soft transitions throughout the aging process is to meet with a licensed esthetician to design a comprehensive skincare regimen that addresses their skin’s specific needs,” advises Dr. Griffin.  “Next, I would encourage treating with small amounts BOTOX in your late 20’s and early 30’s to treat and prevent lines,” he continues.  “I encourage my patients to bring in pictures of their parents, as much of how we age is genetic, as in the case of a double chin, or drooping eyelids,” he explains.  “This gives us the opportunity to know what we may need to plan for in the future with surgery and prolong the need for surgical intervention with such options as lasers and dermal fillers,” says Dr. Griffin.  “If surgery is needed in the future, the results are frequently enhanced because the patient has taken such wonderful care of their skin up until that point and fewer adjustments may be required.  Small treatments add up through the years and can truly allow for seamless transitions in aging that are beautiful and natural.”

Are you interested in taking a more proactive approach in how your skin is aging?  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Garrett Griffin or Dr. Christopher Tolan to discuss a treatment strategy by calling (651) 632-9700.