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Lusting for Longer Lashes? Get them with LATISSE®!

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Grow thicker and longer lashes with the nation’s favorite eyelash serum!

Are you tired of short, stumpy lashes that are constantly breaking off?  Have you tried lash extensions but find them too time-consuming and damaging to your natural lashes? Latisse® may offer just the solution you’re looking for to boost the length, thickness and even the health of your natural eyelashes!

Launched onto the beauty scene in 2008, Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription treatment manufactured by Allergan, the creator of Botox Cosmetic®. Its indication is for the treatment of hypertrichosis, or inadequate lash length or number. Latisse was created to make eyelashes grow longer, fuller and darker by utilizing an active ingredient called bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. It is applied nightly, with disposable applicators just like you would use liquid eyeliner to your top lash line. Over time, Latisse increases the duration of your lash’s growth cycle, allowing them to grow noticeably longer and thicker.

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Believe it or not, eyelashes age, just like your skin! You may notice that your lashes become drier, more brittle and break off easily. Also, the volume and fullness of your lashes may thin out as they lose thickness and strength. Because our eyes are the focal point of our faces, you may feel as though they become less noticeable and lackluster without the definition of dark, beautiful lashes framing them. Although mascara and eyelash extension can give the illusion of fuller lashes, they are temporary solutions that can be time intensive and damage your natural lashes.

Latisse improves the condition and health of your natural lashes. A course of treatment includes a daily application for 16 weeks to see optimal results. Most patients note an improvement in lash length and thickness around weeks 5-6 with more noticeable improvements occurring at weeks 8 to 11. After your 16-week course is through, your licensed esthetician or injection specialist may advise you only to apply every other or night, or every third night to maintain your results. If you discontinue use of Latisse, the length and fullness of your lashes will gradually decrease back to their original state.

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Some potential side-effects may arise with Latisse. The first is pigmentation at the lash line. This discoloration may appear as a brownish/reddish line where you are applying the product each night. Skin sensitivity at the lash line may also present in rare cases. Another potential side-effect is change to the color of the iris of your eye which may appear as small gold flecks. Again, these effects are rarely seen and should be reported to your provider if noticed.

Most patients find Latisse exceptionally easy to integrate into their nightly skincare regimen as the last step before bed. Night time use is indicated to avoid the transfer of product that can occur during the day when you may rub your eyes or apply mascara. Those who have been receiving lash extensions with bi-weekly hour-long lash fills love the time they regain by using Latisse as well!

Latisse can be purchased in either a 3mL or 5mL size from your physician’s office, and prices vary depending on the practice and any special promotions. Because Allergan manufactures Latisse, you can earn points with each purchase through the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program. This option makes it incredibly affordable to keep your lashes looking gorgeous and healthy all year long!

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Are you lusting for long, beautiful lashes? They’re just a phone call or drive away! Call in or stop into any FACE Cosmetic Skincare location to speak to a licensed esthetician about starting Latisse today! (651) 632-9700