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Don’t be Fooled! The Top 5 Most Common Myths about Facelifts

Dont Be Fooled

Of all plastic surgery procedures, the facelift is by far the one most surrounded by a shroud of myth and misunderstanding.  Whether it is parodied and poked fun at in movies or sensationalized by a celebrity gossip news channel, the facelift has morphed into a surgery that many claim to know, but few understand.  Here are the top 5 most common myths about facelifts that your facial plastic surgeon would like to debunk, so you will better understand why almost 100,000 patients in the United States chose to reclaim a more youthful appearance with it in 2017!

MYTH #1 – Only “Old People” Get Facelifts

“This is one of the most destructive myths about facelifts because it causes patients to put it off as an option when it could potentially be the best solution for them as early as in their 40’s,” sighs Dr. Christopher Tolan, a double-board certified ENT / Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery.

myth that only old people get facelifts

Contrary to popular belief, your age is merely a consideration when being assessed for a facelift, NOT a requirement.  The truth is, everyone has different genetics that impacts how we age and everyone’s skin ages differently due to environmental and lifestyle factors.  Regardless, the skin and muscles of your face begin to loosen as you age and all of us experience facial fat loss and bone loss at different rates.  This aging matrix will be different for everyone and a younger patient may experience faster healing times and enhanced results by seeking surgery earlier in life.

MYTH #2 – You’ll LOOK Like You’ve Had a Facelift if You Get a Facelift

No one wants a “fake” looking outcome to your surgical facelift, especially your plastic surgeon!  Yes, we’ve all seen that one celebrity with skin pulled so tight her mouth looks like a frog, but there are hundreds of other stars that you would never guess had a facelift because their results are so excellent and subtle.  When it comes to mainstream media, the sensational and botched plastic surgery procedures get more ratings, not the great results that facial plastic surgeons are producing all over the world.

It’s so important to do your research when choosing a facial plastic surgeon,” advises Dr. Tolan.  “At Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, myself and my partner, Dr. Garrett Griffin, are both double-board certified in Otolaryngologists and Facial Plastic Surgeons.  We focus on facial surgeries from the shoulders up day in and day out.  It’s important to ask your surgeon how many procedures they have performed if you can view before and after pictures of their procedures and to make sure you feel comfortable with them person-to-person.”

MYTH #3 – Your Facelift Recovery Will be Brutal and Take Months

There is no denying that there is a recovery time with any surgical procedure.  But, did you know that many facelift patients find themselves partaking in their normal, everyday activities in as little as two weeks after surgery?

facelift recovery myth

“Many patients who schedule consultations with me to learn more about facelift assume that they will look like a wrapped mummy for six months after surgery,” says Dr. Tolan smiling.  “I know this is how Hollywood has portrayed this surgery, but it couldn’t be further from the truth,” he continues.  “With appropriate medication and post care, your recovery from a surgical facelift can have minimal pain and a very comfortable downtime,” Dr. Tolan explains.  “Yes, you will most likely experience some swelling and bruising and will need to keep your head elevated for a time and avoid strenuous activity for two weeks after surgery, but most patients are surprised at how quickly they feel like themselves again!”

MYTH #4 – Facelifts are ONLY About Pulling Your Skin Tight

Look around, unless you’re an identical twin, your face really isn’t like anyone else’s on Earth, so your facelift won’t be like anyone else’s either.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of surgical facelifts or plastic surgery for that matter,” says Dr. Tolan.  “To get a balanced, rejuvenated outcome, your surgeon may recommend a browlift and blepharoplasty in conjunction with your facelift to offset a tired, heavy appearance to your upper face,” he explains.  “He or she may also advise you about the benefits of adding a necklift to your facelift to accentuate definition and tightness along your jawline and decrease any sagging below your chin,” he continues.  “What your skin and face need for optimal outcomes is unique to YOU!”

MYTH #5 – Facelifts are ONLY for the Ladies

There are no Dorian Grey’s amongst us; no man or woman escapes the effects of aging on their skin and the appearance of their face.  Of the 125,697 facelifts performed in 2017, almost 10% of those were performed on male patients.  With more and more men seeking out options like BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers to help them look more youthful, there is no doubt that more men will seek out facelifts with each passing year.

facelifts are also for men

“BOTH men and women can benefit from a facelift and frankly, both deserve to look as young as they feel,” states Dr. Tolan.  “For women, a facelift can restore a more feminine, lifted and youthful appearance,” he continues.  “For men, a facelift can help reclaim masculine definition along the jawline and alleviate a tired and heavy appearance to the upper face,” shares Dr. Tolan.  “In either case, a surgical facelift can help anyone look and feel more refreshed, vital and youthful, while still looking like themselves!”

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