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Give Your Skin the Best of Both Worlds with Halo™

Smooth, tighten and reduce discoloration with the Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser We live in a busy, fast-paced world.  Between dropping the kids off at school, performing well at work, hitting the gym, being a good spouse and parent, and still getting the bills paid on time, it can feel like life is a 100-hour battle […]

Get Schooled on the Difference Between Botox® & Dermal Filler

Are you curious about exploring cosmetic injectables, but unsure if you should be seeking Botox® or dermal fillers, or BOTH?  These two products may seem very similar, but in actuality they are two very different things.  Understanding the different capabilities and benefits of each product can help you make more educated decisions about what route […]

Know the Condition Your Skin is In

Let’s face it—putting your best face forward is no simple feat anymore.  In a day and age where the drugstore now has 4 aisles devoted to skincare, a typical woman’s magazine is comprised of almost 25% cosmetics ads, and everywhere you turn a celebrity is hawking a new youth serum; it has become increasingly difficult […]

Restoring Smiles with Cleft Lip & Palate Repair

There is no denying the power and symbolism of a smile.  A wide and beaming grin can radiate health, vitality and friendliness.  Our smile reflects how we feel and is an integral way in which we express ourselves.  So, imagine what it must feel like to have your ability to smile disrupted by a facial […]

HydraFacial MD® + SkinPen® Microneedling

How partnering the two most popular skincare treatments today can lead to faster, more effective, and enhanced results! Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you’d be hard-pressed to not have heard of HydraFacials or Microneedling.  HydraFacial MD® is currently taking their radiance boosting technology on a nationwide tour to educate the […]

Restore Pride to Your Profile with Facial Implants

“I had been dissatisfied with my recessed, weak, chin since my early teens,” confides Mark, a 34-year-old chin implant patient of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery.  “I just didn’t feel like my facial features were very masculine, strong, or attractive,” he explains.  “It was like my chin got lost on my face, and over the years […]

Get Glow’in with Glycolic Acid!

Do you want a “Summer Glow” without the damage?  Then, it’s time you get to know Glycolic Acid!  You may remember that products with Glycolic Acid were all the rage 10 years ago, but they seemed to disappear over the past few years.  Well, they’re BACK, and reformulated to be better than ever for your […]

Keep the Character, Lose the Lines

Men & Plastic Surgery The landscape of plastic surgery is changing.  As you may have guessed, the majority of both facial and body plastic surgery patients have traditionally been women in the past.  But, the number of men seeking both surgical and non-invasive procedures to enhance their appearance is growing rapidly! So quickly, in fact, […]

Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreens

Shine a light on what you need to know to stay protected! At this point in our lives, many of us know that we need to wear a sunscreen while outdoors to protect our skin from sunburn and premature aging of our skin…WRINKLES!  It’s now common knowledge that the sun alone causes up to 90% […]

Have You Heard?

*actual MWFP patient pictured What you need to know about Otoplasty Ear Reconstruction If you’re like most people, you take your ears for granted!  In this case, we’re not talking about the function of the ear – hearing, but the actual appearance of your ears.  About 5% of the American population is dissatisfied with how […]

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