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Men & Plastic Surgery

The landscape of plastic surgery is changing. As you may have guessed, the majority of both facial and body plastic surgery patients have traditionally been women in the past. But, the number of men seeking both surgical and non-invasive procedures to enhance their appearance is growing rapidly! So quickly, in fact, that it has tripled since 1997. 1.2 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed on men in 2015, according to the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS). That is 3 TIMES the number of men seeking surgery to enhance their appearance than just two decades earlier.

“We are seeing more and more men for surgical consults each month,” shares Dr. Garrett Griffin, a board certified facial plastic surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “I think that the taboo of plastic surgery for men is dissipating, as men see that they can attain results that look incredibly natural and that few people would ever guess they’ve had anything done,” he continues, “we also see this trend extending into our non-surgical treatments like Botox®, dermal fillers and laser skin treatments. Men, just like women, want to look as young as they feel. And, they deserve to! They are beginning to appreciate that they can lose the lines they hate, while still maintaining the character of their faces!”

In June of 2017, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) conducted a study which found that 31% of men said they were “extremely likely” to seek out a cosmetic procedure. Just shy of 50% said they would consider this treatment to increase their confidence. 25% shared that “to look younger” was a chief consideration for them to feel more competitive in their career field.

“I am seeing a substantial increase in male patients seeking cosmetic injectables like Botox®, Kybella® and dermal fillers,” says Maria Becker, Injection Specialist with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “Many of them initially see me with the encouragement of their wife or partner, but I make sure to listen to what each male patient truly wants.” Maria continues, “this may be as simple as relaxing the deep furrow line between his brow with Botox®, to adding some definition back to his jawline with Kybella® treatments. Men are consistently surprised with how natural the results are, how easily they are accomplished, and how much they still look like themselves!”

When seeking a healthcare professional to perform cosmetic treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical, it is important to inquire about the special training of your provider. Surgery is very different on a male face than on a female’s face, and oftentimes, the desired outcome, or esthetic, is different as well. This also goes for facial injectables, such as Botox.

“Many of the procedures we perform have a somewhat general overlap between the sexes,” explains Dr. Christopher Tolan, also a board certified facial plastic surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “But, the intricate details of these procedures can have dramatic differences between a man and women,” he continues. “Take a rhinoplasty for example, the goal is to improve the form, function and esthetic of the nose, but a man will want to ensure that he is maintaining a balanced and masculine appearance, while a woman wants to achieve a beautiful and feminine esthetic,” Dr. Tolan continues, “it’s important to know that your surgeon is trained and experienced in performing procedures that are specific to a man’s anatomy and desired outcome.”

This consideration extends to cosmetic injectables as well. Because of the size and strength of their facial muscles, men generally require more units of Botox® than women to get the same outcome. Men also tend to have thicker skin, so more syringes of dermal filler may be required to fill facial wrinkles or encourage lift to their facial structure. It is, therefore, also important to seek out injection specialists with advanced training and experience with a man’s unique needs.

“Many of my male patients are in career fields in which they feel a youthful appearance gives them an advantage,” explains Maria. “Like women, they want to feel like they are putting their most fresh and youthful face forward. But, when you have a deep scowl line between your eyebrows that make you look angry or tired, you may be sending the wrong signals to clients or co-workers!” Maria goes on, “to see the confidence restored in a male patient is so rewarding to me. So many of them have felt that this field of cosmetic injectables was off-limits to them, or unapproachable. I want men to understand that they are completely justified in wanting to look as young as they feel and more attractive! So often it requires such minimal effort, for a truly impactful result!”

Are you a man who has been considering facial surgery to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids, a crooked nose, or sagging skin? Are you simply curious about what a treatment like Botox® would be like, to soften the line between your eyebrows? Call (651) 632-9700 to schedule a consultation today with Dr. Griffin, Dr. Tolan, or Maria Becker-Injection Specialist!