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Get Glow’in with Glycolic Acid!

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Do you want a “Summer Glow” without the damage? Then, it’s time you get to know Glycolic Acid! You may remember that products with Glycolic Acid were all the rage 10 years ago, but they seemed to disappear over the past few years. Well, they’re BACK, and reformulated to be better than ever for your skin! Let’s take a look at why you may want to ask your Licensed Esthetician about incorporating this multi-tasking, exfoliating acid into your annual skincare regimen to boost your skin’s radiance all year long!

When it comes to acids that are used for exfoliation of the skin (removing dead skin cells), Glycolic Acid is truly unique. It is one of the smallest of all the Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, or AHA’s. This allows it to be formulated to be extra gentle, yet effective. It is also naturally derived from sugar and very bio-compatible with human skin.

Unlike AHA’s, Beta-Hydroxy Acids, or BHA’s, can penetrate further into your skin. These acids LOVE oil, which makes them highly beneficial to acne patients who need exfoliation deep within their pores where oil and bacteria flourish. But, this can also make BHA’s a little irritating for those of us with sensitive skin. Glycolic Acid’s molecular structure allows it to stay on the surface of the skin and gently exfoliate and refresh the very superficial layers.

“I absolutely love recommending products with Glycolic Acid to my patients who simply want a fresher, more radiant look,” shares Kari Phippen, a Licensed Esthetician at FACE Cosmetic Skincare. “They fall in love with the products because they SEE an immediate result,” she continues, “their skin just GLOWS and looks bright and dewy!”

How does Glycolic Acid achieve these rejuvenating results on your skin? First, the acid gently dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells together on the surface of your skin. Your dead cells like to bind together with sebum, or oil on the surface of your skin and can lead to a dull, ashy, or muddy appearance. Glycolic Acid separates this bond between oil and cellular build up and allows debris and dead cells to detach and rinse away. It does this without stripping the skin of crucial hydration, making it a wonderful option for BOTH dry and oily skin types!

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“At FACE Cosmetic Skincare, we carry several different products with Glycolic Acid, but my all-time favorite is our Glycolic Acid Pads,” advises Kari. “They simply fit into people’s lifestyles really well and are super versatile,” she goes on, “I encourage patients to use them after cleansing their face, neck and chest. Not only does the Glycolic Acid exfoliate, continual use evens out the tone of the skin and allows your skin to maintain hydration. That’s what eventually gets you that incredible “Glycolic GLOW!”

Like Kari said, Glycolic Acid comes in several formulations from in-office peels, to creams, serums and pads. This makes it incredibly versatile and easy to fit into your skincare regimen. Regardless of which formulation you use, it’s important to apply sun protection after applying in the morning, as your freshly resurfaced skin may be more sensitive.

“Oftentimes, I’ll take the ladder approach when recommending Glycolic Acids to my patients,” explains Kari. “We’ll start at a lower percentage in the Summer and allow their skin to acclimate to that level of resurfacing. Then, in the Fall/Winter, we’ll bump it up to a higher concentration so we can keep the skin glowing, but also combat dry, Winter skin! It is simply the perfect ingredient to really keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best year-round!”

Wanna “Get Glow’in with Glycolic?” Ask your FACE Cosmetic Licensed Esthetician about incorporating one of our Glycolic Acid products into your annual skincare regimen! Call (651) 632-9700 to schedule a complimentary consultation!