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Skin Treatments: From Sun Damage to Back-to-School Acne

Skin Treatments From Sun Damage to Back to School Acne blog img

With the sunny days of summer coming to a close, now is the ideal time to regain focus on the care and protection of your skin. While many of us have good intentions, we often fail to practice a healthy skin regimen throughout the summer months. Between high heat, humidity, and harmful UV rays, our skin really takes a beating. This skin damage may lead to sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles, facial scaring and cancer. So, what can you do to rejuvenate and restore your precious skin?

One of our favorite and most popular services we offer at Midwest Facial Plastics & Esthetic Skincare is the Signature Skin Treatment. In essence, it is our version of a facial without all the “fluff”. The treatment includes a unique exfoliation process called Dermaplaning and a mild skin peel customized for your individual skin type to yield the best results. This treatment will leave your face glowing and balanced; but more importantly it will help reverse some of the negative affects the summer sun had on your skin. This treatment is essential to the long-term protection of the largest organ in your body (you guessed it- skin!).

It is important for children and teenagers to understand that skin damage is not exclusive to adults! It is imperative that the youth go the extra mile to maintain a healthy skin care routine. Between powerful sunrays, hormonal imbalances, and a new school year on the horizon, a teenager’s face tends to breakout in acne and blemishes. For many, this can go on to trigger anxiety and self consciousness. For this we proudly offer the Teen/Acne facial. This treatment is similar to the Signature Facial; the difference being the Teen Facial focuses mainly on extractions (removing gunk from pores) and healing. Prior to the facial a consultant also relays the importance of a quality skincare routine to help keep the skin balanced and clear at all times.

So, no matter what your skincare concern may be, we have the remedy. Come give you or your family’s skin the attention and love it deserves. Learn more about our skincare treatment services.

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