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Waxing & Tinting Tips and Tricks

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Imagine not having to apply mascara every day, or having dark luscious eyebrows where none existed before. With one simple application brow and lash tinting darken hair and enhance your facial features, truly making your eyes pop. Patients who believed they had “no brows” before are often amazed and delighted when they see what a large difference a little color can make. This time-saving beauty trick helps you look fabulous with and without applying makeup. It’s quick, easy, and affordable! Until the end of September, we are offering a FREE brow tint with the purchase of RevitaLash. RevitaLash is a product that conditions, thickens, and moisturizes your eyelashes. When applied daily, this serum protects your eyelashes against breakage, brittleness and thinning. You will be amazed how a simple thing like facial hair (no, not mustaches and beards- I am talking eyebrows and lashes folks!) will make you look younger and more beautiful.

While dark hair is strongly desired for both eyebrows and eyelashes, it is not so welcome on other parts of the face. Waxing is widely known as the most effective non-permanent method of hair removal. You know how when you shave you begin to feel prickly the next day? Yeah, that does not happen with waxing. Waxing involves complete removal of the hair shaft from underneath the skin; whereas shaving only removes the hair at the skin’s surface. For this reason hair that has been waxed takes a longer time to grow back (3-4 weeks). On top of that, after several sessions of waxing the hair won’t grow back as thick or as dark! The procedure leaves your skin silky smooth and is definitely worth the slight discomfort. We offer everything from lip waxes to brow waxes. In fact, if you come in before September 1st you get a FREE brow wax with the purchase of a Signature Facial.

Whatever your hair needs, we have got you covered at Midwest Facial Plastics & Esthetic Skincare!

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