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Why Retinol?

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Retinol is the gold standard in anti-aging skin care–and for good reason! It increases collagen production and skin cell turnover, stabilizes the supporting structures of the skin and is one of the only ingredients scientifically proven to prevent wrinkles.

Because of Retinol’s ability to get cells moving, it’s often used to treat acne and loosen clogged pores. It can help even acne scarring and uneven skin tones. Retinol’s unique exfoliating properties are also sometimes used in the treatment of a condition called keratosis pilaris (redness and bumpiness in the cheeks or upper arms).

The newest generation of Retinol products can be used during the day, as their effects kick in gradually and are gentle on skin. You’ll get the most controlled cell turnover possible. Additionally, the newest Retinols also come mixed with antioxidants, sunscreen and even moisturizers, making them much luxurious and a power-packed treatment for your skin.

Even though modern Retinols are very advanced, continue to be very cautious about sun exposure and diligent about applying SPF, even if you purchase a retinol cream with UV protection.

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