I went to see Dr. Griffin for a second opinion on having a second nose surgery due to the complications that occurred after my first nose surgery I had in Edina I through another company. I met with the Edina surgeon and he was afraid to do the surgery a second time- feeling that it would make things even worse. I was so sad and upset with my first surgery results as my nose was crooked and I couldn’t breath any better. I met with Dr. Griffin and he was very confident about being able to fix the straightness of my nose along with my ability to breathe better. I can’t say that I couldn’t be any happier than I am now as he was able to not only make my nose looks better but I am now able to breathe better than I have been since age 7. He was so kind and compassionate throughout the first visit him and all the follow ups that happened and between he genuinely cared about my recovery and the steps I needed to take to make sure that things went as smoothly as they could for me, I would recommend him 1 million times over and over he is the best surgeon around!