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Are Stem Cells the Future of Skin Care?

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What they are, how they work and what they mean for your skin!

Whether you are paging through a magazine, scrolling through your Facebook feed, or watching a celebrity TV show, one thing is for certain – Stem Cells are a HOT TOPIC in skincare right now. But, many people who are interested in the science behind these ingredients are getting discouraged by all the hype and frankly, opportunist companies out there just trying to make a buck on the notoriety of the term, “Stem Cell.” Let’s cut through the celebrity gossip and sensational headlines and take a look at the REAL science behind Stem Cells and what they can do for YOUR skin!

Most of us are familiar with the discussion of and the controversy surrounding the use of HUMAN stem cells. These cells claim to hold the promise of treating disease, regenerating a host of different kinds of tissues and nerves, slow the aging process and even extend our life expectancy. Unfortunately, many companies have simply jumped on the bandwagon of using the buzz words, “stem cells,” and have irresponsibly launched product lines before the science, and its efficacy in the skin care world has truly been proven. This clouds the waters for the consumer to truly discern what product lines may have true merit and credible science backing them. A grasp on the true science of stem cells is thus required to make sound decisions in your purchasing.

What makes stem cells so unique? They are literally the chameleons of the body! They are shape shifters that have the ability to differentiate into other types of cells such as muscle, bone and nerve cells. As a result, they are able to regenerate these tissues and restore functionality to damaged tissues.

While controversy surrounds the use of stem cells which originate from embryonic tissue, the use of human stem cells are sampled from a fully formed human who is not harmed in the process. For example, the practice of harvesting stem cells from human bone marrow transplants has been implemented for decades now and, in turn, has saved thousands of lives.

The key benefit that many of us are searching for in our skin care is the ability to reduce, if not REVERSE the signs and process of aging in our skin. Many scientists now agree that aging is actually a condition and the process of aging is really a series of accumulated and poorly healed wounds in the skin. Put this theory together with the ability of stem cells to effectively heal wounds and you have a potentially magic combination for truly effective skin care! The goal of skin care lines that contain true stem cell technology is to restore your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and, in turn, reset the aging process.

One skin care line has surfaced as a leader in this new frontier of stem cells in skin care. DefenAge® has developed a propriety peptide complex, Age-Repair Defensins that stimulates a specific stem cell in our hair follicles to produce more keratinocytes (skin cells). Defensins are a group of peptides that play an integral role in wound healing, so the ability of this peptide to shift our skin’s wound healing response into 5th is garnishing a lot of excitement in the medical community!

DefenAge® recently conducted a multi-center, placebo-controlled study whose results were presented at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference in June of this year. This study revealed that the treatment group noted the following improvements:

  • Increased epidermis thickness
  • Greater number of proliferating cells
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Reduced superficial wrinkles/fine lines
  • Reduced deep wrinkles and folds

*6 week controlled study with use of all DefenAge® products

*Results based on histology, high-resolution ultrasound imaging, clinical photography and 3-D Skin Imaging

There is no doubt that this realm of skin care will continue to develop and advance. Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery and Face Cosmetic Skincare are excited to be one of the FIRST practices in Minnesota to offer our patients the entire DefenAge® Skincare Line.

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