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Believe it or not, the Holidays may be the BEST time to schedule your surgery. Find out why!!

Let’s face it. Deciding to pursue facial plastic surgery is a deeply personal journey. It involves research, pouring over the before & after pictures on the internet, serious self-reflection, and countless consultations with board-certified surgeons. After deciding “YES,” to facial plastic surgery, the most common next question is “WHEN?”. Facial Plastic Surgery includes healing and downtime that needs to be planned for to ensure that you will look your best for any social obligations or special events on your future calendar. Believe it or not, some times of the year may be better to schedule your surgery than others. Here’s why!

“Scheduling a surgical procedure around the holidays is sometimes the LAST time of the year that a patient initially considers,” shares Dr. Garrett Griffin of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “We traditionally think of the holidays as countless social and family obligations stacked up to the hilt, but there are several benefits to utilizing some of the downtime the holidays also facilitate, especially during Winter in the Midwest!” Dr. Griffin continues, “Plus! It allows you to start off the New Year with a fresh, rejuvenated appearance!”

Let’s take a closer look at why scheduling your surgery during the Winter Holidays may benefit you!

Midwest Winters Allow for Hiding Under Hats and Scarves!

Who’d have thought that the thing we most complain about during the Winter, the COLD, could serve us during our post-surgical downtime! Artfully crossed bulky scarves can disguise lower face bruising and stylish hats can cover large portions of the upper face and ears. Throw on a pair of fashionable sunglasses and you can feel confident about cruising the isles of your local grocery store and running into neighbors a few weeks post-surgery! Living in a climate that allows us to “layer up” provides many opportunities to disguise post-surgery incisions, swelling and bruising. Far more so than warmer climates.

Make Your Holiday “Paid Time Off” Work for YOU!

“Fear of missing work and having a lapse in monthly income due to surgical downtime is real concern of most of our patients,” says Dr. Christopher Tolan, a surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “Our patients are real people with real jobs and families who may be pursuing their surgery on a very fixed income. Scheduling their surgery during the holidays when they have PTO is oftentimes, the smartest time for them to schedule” he advises.

Just because you’ve made the decision to have facial plastic surgery doesn’t mean that the bills won’t keep coming every month. (Unfortunately!) In addition, we are living in a job market in which many of us are scared of losing our jobs and see extended time off as risky to our job security. Planning your procedure to utilize already established Holiday PTO from your employer can be a logical solution. Savvy scheduling that bundles holiday dates that your office will be closed along with PTO can truly work out to your financial advantage. Plus, it allows you to oftentimes return to the office well advanced into your healing and simply looking relaxed and restful to co-workers!

“One of the things we like, as surgeons, about patients scheduling their procedures during the holidays, is that this usually means other members of their family will also have time off,” shares Dr. Tolan. “Although our office will be checking in with you often, it is important to have a support network at home after your procedure to help care for you! It also makes finding a designated driver after your procedure much easier,” he smiles.

What Better Gift to Yourself than Renewed Self-Confidence?!

Yes, the Holidays can be stressful and many of us get so “wrapped up” in doing everything we can to make the holidays great for OTHERS that we forget about honoring ourselves. With family and friends being home for the holidays, it can be the perfect time to simply ask for the gift of their time, love, and support during your recovery. In lieu of a gift, you may ask for a ride to your check-up appointment, or a grocery store run. Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, colors and intentions and the gift of someone’s time and support can prove to be priceless.

“Many patients I see have been considering, planning for, and saving for facial plastic surgery for years. I feel so honored to partner with them through this journey. Pursuing a surgical procedure that renews your self-confidence is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts you can give yourself – regardless of the season,” concludes Dr. Griffin.

The 411 on Scheduling Your Holiday Facelift Surgery

If your intention is looking great FOR the Holidays by getting a surgical Facelift, the time to schedule is NOW. It only takes a few weeks after a surgical facelift to return to your normal daily activities, but you will NOT be looking “headshot” or “selfie” ready a week after surgery. But, as long as your holiday plans don’t require a professional family portrait session or a solo appearance in a holiday musical, holidays can be a great time to schedule. Many patients can expect to take about 10 days off work and return to work feeling comfortable with their appearance. In addition, a holiday procedure means you’ll be looking your absolute best for the coming year’s Spring and Summer weddings, class reunions and special events!

Are you curious about scheduling a surgical procedure with Dr. Tolan or Dr. Griffin? Schedule your consultation to discuss your options now and learn about the benefits of scheduling your procedure over the holidays! (651) 632-9700