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Reduce Facial Redness with BBL Forever Young™

Female patient receiving BBL Forever Young treatment

“I constantly looked like I was embarrassed or just got done running a mile out in the cold,” laughs Melina, a 32-year-old realtor from Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. “My face, neck, and chest were just constantly flushed,” she continues. “It really made me self-conscious when meeting with new clients for work, so I started researching possible treatment therapies which lead me to discover the BBL treatment at Midwest Facial Plastics & Face Cosmetic Skincare’s new clinic by my house.”

Over sixteen million Americans suffer from rosacea and diffuse facial redness or chronic flushing. Not only can this condition be uncomfortable, but it can also be embarrassing when flare-ups occur. Even if a sufferer feels calm, cool, and collected, their skin can give the impression that they are exerted, upset or anxious.

“Symptoms of rosacea can range anywhere from frequent flushing all the way to actual changes in the thickness and texture of the skin,” explains Dr. Christopher Tolan, a double-board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastics. “Most people fall somewhere in between with symptoms that include chronic flushing, broken facial capillaries, and redness and pimple-like outbreaks on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin,” he continues. “Although topicals can be effective, treatments like BBL can treat rosacea and facial redness at its source—the vessels which cause the redness to flare.”

How does Forever Young BBL™ treat Rosacea?

BBL treatments can be adjusted to target the hemoglobin in the blood. By using these treatment parameters, your provider can shut down, or collapse some of the small, superficial vessels that contribute to your facial redness. A reduction in the blood supply to these hyperactive areas directly results in a decrease in redness and flare-ups. At Face Cosmetic Skincare we recommend a series of BBL treatments which can dramatically improve not only the appearance of the skin but the health of the vessel supply that lies beneath the surface.

What is the Forever Young BBL™ Treatment?

The Forever Young BBL™ utilizes the power of light, or Broad Band Light (BBL) to safely treat a whole host of skin concerns virtually anywhere on your body. During treatment, a broad range of light is narrowed into a single wavelength which is then directed onto the skin. This wavelength can be adjusted to treat excess skin pigment (sun damage) or hemoglobin in blood vessels to treat facial redness and rosacea. The light is then absorbed by the chosen target. This feature is what allows BBL to be so effective in the treatment of rosacea. Your provider has the freedom to adjust your BBL treatment to target small blood vessels and diffuse facial redness, therefore improving the symptoms of chronic redness, flushing and inflammatory conditions like rosacea. As an added benefit, BBL encourages the production of collagen and elastin during treatment which leads to an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and your skin’s overall resiliency.

Can Forever Young BBL™ Cure Rosacea?

“Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can be managed effectively, but not necessarily cured,” says Dr. Tolan. “That being said, many patients who consistently treat their skin with BBL experience a remarkable reduction in symptoms if not the cessation of symptoms altogether,” he shares. “At our clinics, we recommend that patients who suffer from rosacea and facial redness complete a series of BBL treatments and maintain with one to two treatments a year from that point forward to keep symptoms and flare-ups at bay. I recently completed my first BBL treatment for my rosacea and can already see a difference,” states Dr. Tolan.

How can I make my Forever Young BBL™ treatments more effective?

“The products you use on your skin at home can have a huge impact on your rosacea and facial redness,” says Sara, a licensed esthetician and certified laser technician with Face Cosmetic Skincare. “Certain ingredients, like glycolic acid or aggressive scrubs, can be too stimulating and harsh for this skin condition,” she explains. “I set out a complete skincare strategy with all of my BBL patients that are being treated for facial redness because I find that solid homecare can really make a difference and even enhance their BBL results!”

“I cannot believe the difference in my skin,” exclaims Melina. “After a series of 3 treatments, my cheeks and chin are completely clear,” she continues. “Sara said that my neck and chest might need more treatments because they are more vascular, but I am so happy with my results and intend on doing a series each winter to keep my skin in check,” Melina says. “My confidence with clients has skyrocketed, and I can even have a glass of red wine now without the fear of flushing fire engine red!”

Have you had it with facial redness? Are you interested in reducing your rosacea flare-ups? Forever Young BBL™ may be an effective treatment for you! Call (651) 632-9700 to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Face Cosmetic Skincare certified laser technician!

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