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Put Your Best Face Forward in 2018

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Restore a more lifted, youthful face and take 10 years off your perceived age with a Surgical Facelift.

For most of us, a New Year signifies a fresh start. In turn, January sees thousands of us flock to our local gyms to get a jumpstart on resolutions and set a foundation for healthy habits and goals for the months to come. But this year, hundreds of men and women may take their resolutions elsewhere: their facial plastic surgeon’s office. What are they seeking? A resolve to look as young as they feel and to put their best face forward towards brand-new year!

“Many of the patients I consult with for surgical facelift procedures are already in great shape and consider themselves fit and healthy,” explains Dr. Garrett Griffin, Double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon from Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “Their goal is literally to LOOK as great as they feel,” he continues. “When you surgically correct an area of the face with advanced aging, such as a sagging jawline or fallen cheeks, you’re not just eradicating the visible signs of age – you’re giving an overall more youthful and healthy look to your entire appearance!”

As we age, several factors contribute to our skin and face looking older. Years of environmental damage and strong facial expressions can cause deep lines in the skin. Natural bone and fat loss can lead to a gaunt appearance and excessive sagging of tissue due to lack of support. Our skin loses its plump volume and becomes less resilient. The general shape of our face goes from being an uplifted heart-shape to being more like an inverted triangle with heaviness and drooping along the jawline. In turn, we can appear much older than we feel. A surgical facelift can effectively address all of these concerns.

Known as a rhytidectomy, a surgical facelift is designed to improve the overall shape and youthfulness of your face while respecting your natural features and character. One of the benefits of a surgical facelift is that there are several different kinds, which allows your physician to customize their approach to meet your individual needs. However, facelifts can generally be broken down into three types: SMAS lifts, deep plane lifts, and short-scar lifts. You and your physician will discuss at length which approach is best for you, your skin, and your expectations.

Regardless of which type of facelift is indicated for you, the primary goal of a rhytidectomy is to improve jowling and loose skin in the lower face and neck. A full facelift always includes a neck lift. This ensures that there is an overall rejuvenation to your appearance and not a noticeable break at the neckline. That being said, there are additional procedures that can be performed that are more targeted to the neck in the event that your main concern lies below the jawline.

When is the right time for your facelift? Studies show that younger patients note higher satisfactions rates with their procedure. This is partly because our skin-quality is better in our 50’s compared to our 70’s. Skin is more resilient and heals more quickly as well. Many of our facelift patients choose to have surgery in their 50’s, because they want to enjoy the benefits of looking younger for many years to come!

Not all patients require a full facelift. In these cases, a “mini” lift may be more appropriate. This procedure is designed to recreate the youthful and refreshed look of the cheek and midface, with minimal downtime. Again, you and your physician will discuss which option is best for you. This may include discussing non-surgical additions like injectables like Juvederm®, and/or Voluma®, or fat grafting techniques to achieve your desired outcome.

“I truly see surgery and many of the procedures we offer as a means to help our patients live their lives to their fullest potential,” shares Dr. Christopher Tolan, also a Double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “Seeing a more youthful, healthy and radiant YOU smiling back in the mirror can make a dramatic impact on your life,” he smiles. “Even so, I always stress to my patients that protecting their surgical investment with a clean and healthy lifestyle full of exercises, positive relationships and laughter, will extend their results for decades to come!”

Ready to take a fresh look at yourself? Resolving to look as young as you feel in 2018? Schedule a Surgical Facelift Consultation with Dr. Tolan or Dr. Griffin by calling Midwest Facial Plastics at (651) 632-9700.