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5 Ways Our MRewards Membership Can Transform Your Skin

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Join today for your 2018 skincare resolutions!

Let’s be honest, not all of us are born with beautiful, flawless skin. Great skin takes effort and diligent stewardship—especially if you’re battling a condition like acne or, when you start to see the first signs of aging. Yet, for many of us, embarking on a “I Want Healthier Skin in 2018” resolution can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you make sure you’re not overpaying for skincare products that won’t work? What if a certain treatment isn’t right for you and another would be better? The obstacles can be intimidating. That’s why many clinics that cater to skin are beginning to offer their patients membership programs to not only take the guesswork out of attaining your best skin possible, but help you save money while doing it!

The MRewards Membership at Face Cosmetic Skincare at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery was created to take the effort out of achieving your skincare goals, and has literally transformed the skin of hundreds of our patients. We believe that each patient deserves to love the way they look. Here’s how we make sure they do!

You Get a Personal Skincare Concierge

“Don’t laugh, but I’ve had patients call me Coach before,” laughs Amie, a Licensed Esthetician at Face Cosmetic Skincare. “In reality, there are a lot of similarities! I literally coach my patients on how to choose the right services and products for their skin and how to properly care for it,” she smiles. “I see my patients almost every month, if not more frequently, and can monitor their progress on the strategy we devise. This allows me to fine tune and tweak anything we need to get them better results!”

Once a patient has signed up for the MRewards Membership at Face Cosmetic Skincare, a whole new degree of customized care unfolds. You are immediately partnered with a Licensed Esthetician who helps identify your skin type and condition and works with you to map out treatments and products that will most effectively meet your goals. It’s much like having a Personal Skin Concierge, who has your best interests at heart, who consistently monitors your progress to make sure you’re getting results!

It Takes the Guesswork Out of Selecting the Right Products for YOU

“It’s a normal day at the office when a patient brings in bags of skincare products they’ve purchased from a drugstore or department store, and they want to know why they aren’t getting results,” shares Cyndi, also a Licensed Esthetician at Face Cosmetic Skincare. “Most patients have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on products that aren’t even right for their skin type or condition and are actually bad for their skin!”

The difference between purchasing a skincare product based on a celebrity endorsement, versus a product recommended to you by a Licensed Esthetician who has performed a proper skin analysis on you, is immense. With the MRewards Membership, not only are you partnered with a skin therapist who will lay out an entire annual product prescription, you’ll also save on the products they recommend with membership discounts!

You Get a PERSONALIZED Skincare Treatment Strategy

“I have patients I work with who are MRewards members who simply maintain their skin with monthly HydraFacial MD® treatments and the product regimen we agreed on, and then, I have patients who do several series of peels, laser treatments, Botox & Filler throughout the year,” explains Sara, another Licensed Esthetician with Face Cosmetic Skincare. “I cater to my patients’ goals, lifestyles and budgets! Some patients want simple maintenance while others want a complete transformation that includes several treatment therapies and injectables,” she continues, “the MRewards Membership allows me to customize their treatment plans to match who they are and save them hundreds of dollars on the services and treatments I recommend!”

When you sign up for a MRewards Membership, you and your partnered Esthetician will discuss your skincare goals at length. Their job is to get you from point A to B with your skin in the most effective way possible. That may include simple facials and chemical peels, or it may require laser treatments, injectables or even recommendations for surgical procedures. Regardless of which treatment path you take, they will be with you ever step of the way monitoring your progress and make any changes needed.

It Saves You Money, Time & Effort

One of the obstacles that holds some of us back from achieving our best skin possible is that we feel too busy. Many of us are simply tired of pursuing things that don’t work and prove to be a waste of our valuable time. Having a Licensed Esthetician who has professional insight into your skin and its behavior, will make recommendations that deliver results, saving you time, effort and money.

What kind of discounts do our patients get with their MRewards Membership? For starters, there are two ways you can choose to sign up!

PLAN A: Bank $1,190 in your personal MRewards Account up front and receive $50 in Face Cosmetic Skincare Products instantly to get you on the Fast Track!
PLAN B: Simply put $299 down now and pay $99/ month.

Once you have established which membership is right for you, you’re entitled to these discounts throughout the year!

  • 40% OFF all Esthetic Skincare Services including laser treatments, chemical peels, HydraFacial MD®, SkinPen® and Facial Treatments
  • $3 OFF each unit of Botox
  • $100 OFF each syringe of Dermal Filler ($50 OFF Volbella)
  • 15% OFF all Physician Dispensed Skincare Products and Lash/Brow Enhancement Products

Consistent Care = Remarkable Results & a 24/7 Glow

Just like a new fitness routine, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Most of us start out with great skincare habits at the beginning of the year, but as the year progresses, we lose time, motivation and interest. Our Licensed Estheticians” make sure this doesn’t’ happen with our MReward members by checking in with you monthly, offering motivation and support! In addition, skin that is cared for on a consistent and regular basis with treatments that exfoliate, hydrate and keep key conditions under control, stays looking beautiful 24/7!

“My MRewards Member patients are my most satisfied patients because their skin is continuously in great condition throughout the year,” shares Amie. “They enjoy setting goals together and meeting them. They understand that they are making an investment that will keep their skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant for years to come!”

Ready to partner with one of our Licensed Estheticians”, reach your 2018 skincare goals AND save while doing it? Sign up for MRewards at your next visit to Face Cosmetic Skincare!