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Lust for Luxurious Lashes No More!

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These days basically everyone wants a set of long, thick, luxurious lashes. Thankfully for those of us where genetics have let us down, there are products available to help us achieve our desired beauty goals.

But what works? How does it work and is it safe?

These are all very common questions when considering the use of a lash enhancing product. The good news is that they are not only very effective, but safe as well. Even better news is that Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Esthetic Skincare carries the products, Latisse & Revitalash, known and proven to be effective for eyelash enhancement.

Before and After of a Latisse client, photo courtesy of Allergan.
Before and After of a Latisse Lash & Color Enhancement client, photo courtesy of Allergan

How Lash Enhancing Products Work

Lash enhancing products use an active ingredient that will increase the length of the growth cycle, also known as the Anagen Phase of the eyelash hairs. Through the use of Latisse, this product also affects pigmentation, making the color of lashes darker and even more beautiful.

What Products Work?

At Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Esthetic Skincare we offer two lash enhancing products, Latisse and Revitalash. Both products provide wonderful results, however some prefer one over the other for various reasons.

When choosing the right product for you, it’s important to understand the differences of each. Latisse lash enhancement is a product that contains bimatoprost; which requires a prescription by one of our board-certified doctors. Bimatoprost is an ingredient which stimulates growth and has the ability to darken lashes. In addition to needing a prescription, a consent form is also required to inform you of all possible side effects and to ensure you are a good candidate to use the product. Our other product available, Revitalash, is an off-the-shelf readily available product in our clinics. Although Revitalash provides many of the same benefits as Latisse, it unfortunately does not have the ability to darken the lashes. However, some have found that their body reacts more favorably towards Revitalash as it can be less irritating to the eyes. Overall, both are great products that provide optimal results for our patients. The determination between which product to use is fully based on individual preferences and sensitivity levels. It’s important to note that both product lines are similar in cost, and our licensed estheticians and doctors are comfortable recommending either one. Often, many choose to use both products simultaneously to maximize their beauty results.

Are Lash Enhancement Products Safe to Use?

When used in the correct manner, both lash enhancing products are extremely safe to use. Some people have reported slight sensitivity of the eyelid when initially starting treatment; though have indicated this sensitivity dissipates within a short period of time. Remember that although these lash enhancing products can provide desired results, the product must be continued in order to maintain the length and darker color lash benefits.

Are you ready to lust no more for luxurious lashes? Or have questions? Contact our clinics conveniently located in Eagan and Woodbury by calling (651) 632-9700. Take the next step towards getting the lashes you have always dreamed of!