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Go Beyond the “Bunny Lines” with Botox!

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Get to know the “lesser known” treatment areas that can benefit from Botox Cosmetic!

“Bunny Lines,” Platysmal Bands, Depressors, Masseters…No, these aren’t cartoon characters or cooking utensils; these are actual areas of the face commonly treated with Botox Cosmetic! While worry lines between the eyebrows and pesky crow’s feet are still some of the most commonly treated areas for Botox, there are many “off label” applications of this wonder drug. Since its first cosmetic approval in 2002, the uses and benefits of Botox have expanded and far exceeded most physicians’, AND patients’ expectations!

“You can put it THERE?!” laughs Dr. Christopher Tolan, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, and a National Trainer for Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox. “If I only had a dollar for every time a patient asks me this about an area I’ve recommended for Botox,” he smiles. “It’s amazing how versatile and effective this product is; and the advancements in its use just keep growing” he says enthusiastically.

Botox received its first FDA clearance to be used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) on April 12, 2002. This quickly grew to include the indication for use around the eyes (crow’s feet) as well. But what might surprise you is that many injectors have been using Botox for years in an off-label manner to improve the appearance of several areas beyond the forehead and eyes.

Common off label applications of Botox include:

Bunny Lines: The little crinkles high on your nose when you smile. Botox can prevent these lines from forming there when you’re NOT smiling!

A Gummy Smile: Botox can be used to lower an upper lip that exposes too much of the gum line when you smile.

Masseter Muscle / Jaw Clenching: Botox can soften the muscles that assist in teeth grinding and, in turn, smooth an angular jawline.

Depressors / DAO’s: Botox is used to turn your frown upside down! The strong muscles that draw the corners of our lips down towards our jawline can give the appearance of heaviness and drooping. Botox can relax these muscles and, therefore, give a lifted appearance to the low face.

Platysmal Neck Bands: The muscles and tendons that run vertically through our neck can be strained and over-pronounced and, in turn, cause horizontal wrinkles. Botox is used along these bands in the neck to soften the strained appearance and even cause some subtle lifting at the jawline.

“It’s truly amazing to watch the advancements that are unfolding with Botox,” shares Dr. Tolan excitedly. “Now that it has such a strong history of both safety and efficacy, Botox is truly becoming the gold standard in both preventative and anti-aging therapies,” he shares. “In my role as a trainer for Allergan, I get to train other physicians and nurse injectors on the FDA indicated application of Botox, but patients need to realize that there are so many more applications of this product than what are advertised,” he continues, “it is so important to seek out an experienced and highly credentialed injector, as these off-label indications take advanced skill and knowledge,” he concludes.

Curious about what OTHER areas of your face may benefit from Botox? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tolan or Dr. Griffin, who are both Physician Injectors! Ask us about our “Botox Bank” or Membership programs, and get your Botox discounted ALL YEAR AROUND! 651-632-9700