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Get “Mistletoe Ready” with Lip Enhancement!

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It seems as though 2017 was the year of the LIPS. Between Kylie Jenner’s overexposed pout, to at-home suction devices causing capillary damage to teens across the nation, to new techniques in permanent lip cosmetics, one thing is certain – Americans are obsessed with their lips! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 27,000 lip procedures took place last year in the United States. That translates to a lip enhancement being performed with dermal filler every 20 minutes, a new record for this procedure. Overall, the request for non-surgical lip augmentation has increased 43% since 2000. With more dermal fillers coming to the market every month, let’s take a look at how you can get “Mistletoe Ready” this holiday season with lip enhancement!

“No, you will not look like that one woman on Real Housewives or the New York City “Cat Lady,” says Dr. Garrett Griffin, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “The ideal results of a lip enhancement are subtle and natural, NOT a shape or size that makes you look like a caricature of yourself or someone else,” he explains. “Thanks to Allergan, we currently offer several dermal fillers that are appropriate for the lips to the extent that your injector can customize your treatment to your exact goals. For example, I may redefine a disappearing lip border with Juvederm Ultra XC®, but boost the volume in the body of the lip with Volbella XC®. Our approach is truly customized to give our patients the most natural results that fit their goal for the appearance of their lips,” he finishes.

As Dr. Griffin mentions, there are a host of new dermal fillers that sprung to the market in 2017. The day and age of one filler being used across the board for lips regardless of the age, lip structure and goals of the patient are GONE. The versatility and special attributes of each of these fillers allows your injector to truly customize your treatment to be as subtle or dramatic as you desire. Let’s take a closer look!

How do Lip Injections work?

Dermal fillers used in lip enhancements are comprised of a gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid. This compound is naturally occurring in the skin and attracts 1,000 times it weight in water to itself, hence, plumping the tissue. When injected correctly, this results in smooth, full and defined lips.

For patient comfort, Hyaluronic Acid fillers may also contain numbing lidocaine, making the procedure more comfortable. “As much as possible, I prefer to use a blunt tip cannula for my lip enhancements as opposed to a sharp needle to further my patient’s comfort,” says Dr. Griffin. “Instead of having to poke the tender lip tissue multiple times, the blunt, flexible cannula is threaded through the lip and used to inject the product. This results in much less trauma, swelling, and bruising for the patient,” he concludes.

What are the most popular dermal fillers for Lip Enhancement?

“Although there are several brands that offer dermal fillers for lips, our practice has found that the Allergan family of dermal fillers is best for our patients. These fillers are consistent, predictable, versatile and offer the ability for your injector to truly customize your treatment,” shares Dr. Griffin.

VOLBELLA XC® – The New Kid on the Block & 2017 Winner of the Allure Magazine Breakthroughs in Beauty Award

Released in 2017, Volbella XC® quickly earned a reputation as a great dermal filler to start with for first time lip enhancers. It is pillow soft and light, leading to subtle results that gently boost lip volume and redefine the border of the lip. It can even be used in those pesky little vertical lines (Smoker’s Lines) that extend from your lips and cause your lipstick to bleed and feather. Results last up to one year.

“I love having Volbella XC® in our family of fillers for lips,” says Dr. Griffin. “It is my go to filler for first time lip enhancement patients who are a little nervous about the outcome being too dramatic,” he continues, “results are so soft and natural and provide a simple boost to volume and definition.”

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® – The “Gold Standard”

Long considered the “go to” product for patients who truly want fuller lips and to plump lips that are thin due to genetics or aging, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® is the gold standard of many practices.

“Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® provides more fullness and structural support than Volbella XC®. It can be used in the actual body of the lip to enhance greater fullness, but I also use it within the border of the lips to restore definition; something we commonly lose with the aging process,” shares Dr. Griffin.

Like Volbella XC®, the results of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® can last up to one year. In some cases, these products are used together. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® is used to redefine the lip border and Volbella XC® is used in the body of the lip to boost fullness. Both products contain lidocaine to comfortably numb the lips during your treatment and enhance comfort.

“The preference of each patient for the appearance of her or his lips is very unique. I work with my patients to decide what shape and amount of fullness will look the most natural for their face, but also achieve their goals. I can’t stress enough the importance of seeking an injector who is properly qualified, experienced and who truly listens,” concludes Dr. Griffin.

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