Brow/Forehead Lift Before & After Photos

View before and after photos of surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Tolan, Dr. Garrett Griffin, Dr. Zachary Farhood and Dr. Anna Bakeman in Minneapolis, MN.

Patient #4313

This 65 year old woman had had a facelift with a different surgeon years ago but still felt she looked mad all the time and that her forehead and chin creases were too deep. She met with Dr. Griffin to discuss her options. Many women think a “full facelift” includes a browlift when in fact most surgeons would call that a “facelift plus a browlift.” Many women do not need a browlift but in this patient’s case her facelift surgeon should have recommended a browlift to make sure to address all of her concerns. Ideally a facelift also would have improved her “marionette lines” more. Dr. Griffin recommended a trichophytic browlift and filler to the marionette lines. After these interventions she looks happier and has a smoother forehead and chin with more crisp upper lids (due to the browlift).

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