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The Facts about Laser Hair Reduction

The Facts about Laser Hair Reduction blog img

We’ve all seen the numerous advertisements featuring beautiful, hairless bodies promoting a product or service that guarantees a hair free and care free lifestyle; but is that the truth?

As a licensed esthetician with over 15 years of experience, here are real questions I receive and the stripped down facts about laser hair reduction.

Q: Can only lighter skin tones have laser hair reduction?

A: No. Many lasers, including our Lumenis Duet laser, are safe for all skin tones.

Q: Do I have to have dark hair to have laser hair reduction?

A: Although dark hair responds the best, any hair with visible pigment should have success with laser hair reduction. The only people who would not be good candidates would be those with white, gray or red hair. This is due to a lack of pigment that the laser needs to use as its target.

Q: Should I allow my hair to grow out prior to coming in for a treatment, like with waxing?

A: No. The area that is being treated should be freshly shaved the day of or day before the treatment. The reason for this is that if the hair is long it could singe which could cause a heat injury, i.e. blisters on the surface of the skin. Also, we want all of the energy from the laser traveling to the base of the follicle, under the skin – not the tip.

Q: Can I achieve permanent results in just one treatment?

A: No. In general, most areas require a minimum of 6 treatments to achieve the desired results most people are looking for. Some areas of the body may require additional treatments due to hair density or hormones stimulating growth. Each individual is unique and may respond differently.

Overall, the truth of the matter is that the results of this treatment can be an extremely convenient and liberating for many people – some even say life-changing. If you have struggled with persistent or unwanted hair growth, consider laser hair reduction. This service can leave you not only feeling hair free, though confident as you bare skin during the warm weather seasons.