Hyaluronic acids (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies found primarily in joints and connective tissue.

It is a large molecule that attracts water, thus “plumping” the skin. Each available brand of hyaluronic acid fillers have unique strengths, applications and length of results. For example, Juvederm attracts the most fluid, so it is often used in lip enhancement to create the most soft and full lip possible. Volbella is the thinnest and easiest to massage and shape after injection, so it is often used to fill fine lines around the lips and under your eyes.

Hyaluronic Acids Results

Hyaluronic acids can last up to 24 months depending on what product is used and where they are injected. Unlike other fillers, they can also be dissolved in the event a less than ideal result has been obtained. Click to learn more about Juvederm, Volbella, Vollure and Voluma, Restylane, and Belotero!

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Before + After Results

View before and after photos of surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Tolan, Dr. Garrett Griffin, Dr. Zachary Farhood and Dr. Anna Bakeman in Minneapolis, MN.