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Eye Creams Exposed

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Why we need them and how to choose the best one for you!

It seems as though everyone has an opinion about eye creams; some people swear they are not needed, while others claim they can’t live without it. Does this delicate skin, that seems to show our age before other areas of our face, really demand a separate moisturizer? Many skincare professionals think so and want you to know why!

“Your eye area shows aging and damage more quickly than the rest of your face,” shares Cyndi, a licensed esthetician with FACE Cosmetic Skincare of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. She continues, “The sebaceous glands around our eyes stop producing oil in our late teens and early twenties, which can lead to excessive dryness in this area and premature aging.” Cyndi goes on to say, “In addition, we use our eyes to express ourselves, so there is a lot of muscular movement that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles in this area.”

It would then seem to be a reasonable assumption that EVERYONE could benefit from an eye cream, but how does one navigate through all of the options? Matching key active ingredients to your skin type, condition, and goal, can make all the difference in the results you derive from an eye cream.

“I always tell my patients that their first step in eye defense can’t be purchased at our clinic,” laughs Cyndi, “you need to go and get some sunglasses!”

Sun damage accumulates over time and is excessively hard on the fine skin around the eyes, especially when we are squinting while we drive. Simply making it a habit of wearing large framed sunglasses when outdoors can save you from the dreaded “crow’s feet” for years to come. Polarized lenses are a plus, as they protect the actual pigment of the eye itself.

In most cases, a patient who has overall dry skin will also have dryness around the eyes. In this instance, they can benefit from products including such active ingredients as shea butter, jojoba oil and fatty esters. These rich ingredients will not only absorb into the skin and make it softer and pliable, they will also create a barrier and prevent more moisture from escaping.

Oily skin types can even benefit from extended hydration in the eye area, but with a focus on other key ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is an oil free active that works by binding water to tissue. This will keep dehydrated skin around the eyes of an oily patient plump and hydrated without the risk of breakouts.

“If a patient’s main concern is fine lines around the eyes I always discuss the use of retinol,” states Cyndi. “Retinol is your powerhouse anti-aging ingredient,” she continues, “it not only encourages the growth of new healthy tissue which makes fine lines less noticeable, it gently resurfaces to expose smoother skin.”

If puffy eyes are your main concern get ready to embrace your morning cup of joe! Caffeine is the number one ingredient recommendation for puffy eyes as it can constrict tissue. Caffeine can also assist in the treatment of dark circles, which are often caused by small leaky blood vessels under the eyes. The resulting oxidized blood pools under tissue and has a dark appearance. Vitamin K can also benefit this condition as it strengthens these blood vessels.

“Like any advanced skin care regimen, it’s important to meet with a licensed esthetician who can match you with the right ingredients and products,” instructs Cyndi. She continues, “Our eye creams at FACE Cosmetic Skincare are physician dispensed and contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients on the market to ensure fast and noticeable results!”

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