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During the summer months, the importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. Skin damage from sunlight builds up with continued exposure, regardless of whether or not a sun burn occurs. According to the Melanoma Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point during their lifetime due to extended exposure to sunlight, making skin cancer the second most common cancer for women in their twenties. What does this mean for you? Cover, correct & protect your skin with sunscreen!

Sunscreen, as many of you may know, helps keep ultraviolet rays – UVA and UVB – from damaging the skin. UV radiation is part of the light spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. There are 3 different types of UV radiation; UVC, UVA and UVB. UVC, the strongest and shortest wavelength, usually gets absorbed by the ozone layer before it reaches Earth. UVA is the least intense, but the most deeply penetrating. UVB, however, is responsible for the most sun burns. Both UVA and UVB can cause premature skin aging, eye damage (i.e. cataracts) and skin cancer.

If you’ve ever wondered what the SPF number on your sunscreen bottle means, it stands for Sun Protection Factor. These SPF ratings range all the way from 2 to 70. They measure a sunscreen’s effect against UVB rays and the amount of time you can be in the sun before burning. For example, if you burn after 10 minutes of sun exposure without any cream, an SPF of 15 will allow you to stay in the sun for up to 150 minutes without burning. So, the higher the SPF number, the more sunburn protection the cream provides.

A great way to protect your skin from sun damage is to apply at least 15 SPF every day, regardless of the season. However, many sunscreen products leave your skin looking shiny or chalky, especially under makeup. This is why Midwest Facial Plastics & Esthetic Skincare carries Glo Mineral Makeup. This award winning, skin-perfecting mineral formula not only looks flawless but also provides broad spectrum UV protection and antioxidant benefits. Glo Mineral foundation is comprised of fine, triple milled minerals that lay smoothly on the skin. The skin nurturing, talc-free product is noncomedogenic and contains an exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract. Glo Mineral foundation delivers unsurpassed coverage, and with daily application, will keep your skin radiant and healthy.

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