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Blurry Weather, Clear Skin

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As the weather turns colder and changes season, so does our skin. It is important for those of us in a Northern/dry climate to adjust our skincare needs as the seasons change. Even those with the most oily skin types can find themselves feeling tight and dry in the frigid, winter months

True for any skin type, when the skin is dehydrated it looks dull and emphasizes any signs of aging.

One of the fastest ways to remedy this issue is by beefing up your moisturizer. Two of our most popular products in aiding this issue are Skin Medica Dermal Repair or TNS Ceremide Treatment cream. If you are not wanting to switch moisturizers all together, you can invest in a serum to layer underneath for more moisture. Glo Theraputics Cyto Lux Face Essence with Aragan oil is a wonderful option for dry skin types. Skin Medica Hydrating Complex is also a great option for those with more normal to oily skin types.

Last but not least in fighting our fight against “winter skin” Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Esthetic Skincare offers a retinol product. Regular use of retinols encourage the skin to have a slow and steady turn over, preventing the build up of dead and dry skin on the surface; which acts as a barrier to your other products and makes the skin have an uneven texture. Skin Medica offers 3 options ranging from 0.25%- 1.0%. A qualified skin care specialist can consult which product would be best suited to your skin type.

In addition to customizing the proper “winter” regimen for your skin it is always beneficial to receive regular skincare services to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated all winter long! Please call our office at (651) 632-9700 to schedule your appointment with one of our licensed estheticians to determine the best treatment plan to fit your specific needs.