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The ABC’s of Beautiful, Healthy Skin

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We know it when we see it… Gorgeous skin that absolutely radiates vitality and health. We may witness it on any age group, from the newborn with fresh unblemished skin, to a woman well into her 70’s who has been diligent about sun protection and her home care regimen throughout her life. Regardless of where its sighted, healthy skin has several common characteristics that fit together like a puzzle to form a truly beautiful complexion.

Let’s celebrate Back to School and learn the ABC’s of beautiful, healthy skin!

Acne & Congestion Free

Acne can affect people of all ages. Just when you think you have escaped your teenage acne, it rears its ugly head later in life due to stress or hormone imbalance. Regardless of its cause, it is important to seek products and treatment therapies to keep your skin clear of acne infections to avoid future scarring and pigment damage. In advanced cases, this may require a prescription from your dermatologist.

Congestive acne manifests itself as blackheads and whiteheads, especially along the t-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin). This type of acne is often caused by using skincare and makeup products that have ingredients that irritate or clog our pores. In other cases, these blackheads form as a result of your skin not being able to effectively shed dead skin cells quickly enough. The result? These excess cells combine with facial oil and clog a pore.

Solutions: Check out physician grade skincare products with ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients kill surface bacteria and help skin exfoliate. Explore treatments like chemical peels and Hydrafacial MD® to professionally exfoliate your skin and regulate your cellular turnover and keep you skin clear and blemish free!

Balanced & Bright

Does your skin feel like an oil slick by mid-day, or do you feel dull and as dehydrated as the Sahara regardless of the climate or season? No matter the extreme, this is your skin’s way of telling you that it needs to be balanced. Truly healthy skin has an ideal balance of surface oil and water hydration to maintain a slightly acidic pH to fight off bacteria. Remember, our skin is our first line of defense to our environment! Although usually stemming from hormonal imbalance, oily skin can be caused by using products that over strip/over dry our skin, such as products that contain alcohol. Skin that is dehydrated, or lacking water, will appear dull and tight.

Solutions: Meet with a licensed esthetician to determine your skin’s condition and get a homecare regimen prescribed that will balance your skin’s unique properties. Regulate your skin’s behavior with professional treatments such as customized clinical facials, chemical peels and HydraFacial MD®

Calm & Clear

Tired of seeing red? Skin that is chronically red is indicative of underlying vascular issues. Excessive flushing, broken capillaries and “hot to the touch” skin may be a sign of rosacea or a truly sensitive skin type. Where there is red, there is inflammation. Inflammation perpetuates aging by breaking down collagen and elastin over time. It is very important to keep this type of skin calm, cool and collected with homecare products that are soothing and reparative.

Solutions: This skin needs TLC! Meet with a licensed esthetician for a proper homecare regimen of calming products and customized facials that will tone down redness and repair your skin’s compromised barrier function. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light treatments, are highly indicated for this skin condition as the technology closes the tiny vessels that are contributing to the overall redness.

Dewey & Hydrated

When a fresh new skin cell is born it is plump and full of water…like a juicy grape. By the time it reaches the surface of our skin, it is more like a raisin. This water loss can cause our skin to look dry, tight and crepey-exaggerating the appearance of fine lines. Lifestyle habits can make a huge impact on this water loss, especially if you are someone who doesn’t’ consume enough water throughout the day. What we topically apply to our skin can also have an impact on these levels of hydration, especially if we are using products that strip or dry our skin.

Solutions: Ask your licensed esthetician to identify your skin type and condition and prescribe a moisturizer that is appropriate. In some cases, a serum containing hyaluronic acid can be highly beneficial. This ingredient binds water to our skin and is incredibly hydrating. Treatments like HydraFacial MD® are also very effective because they remove dead skin cells and infuse moisture and antioxidants into the skin!

Even & Smooth

Dark spots on the skin absorb light. Uneven skin texture refracts light. This results in the appearance of the complexion looking muddy, dark and dull. Dark spots (hyperpigmentation) may be caused by excessive sun exposure or hormone fluctuations. These usually present themselves as dark freckling or patches of dark pigmentation. Uneven skin texture may be caused by acne scarring or enlarged pores from oily skin. Lightening these dark spots and working to even the texture on the skin can have a dramatic impact on the over youthful appearance of a complexion! Many studies point to an uneven skin tone being a much better assessment of age than wrinkles! It’s time to get even!

Solutions: Ask your licensed esthetician for product recommendations that contain lighteners like Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Hydroquinone and skin smoothers, such as retinols or alpha hydroxyl acids. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the gold standard treatment in removing dark spots from the skin, and treatments like SkinPen® Micro Needling can help build skin up from the inside out and lend to a smoother appearance!

Firm & Full

Forget about the apple of your eye…how about the apple of your cheek! As we age, our skin loses volume. This is the result of bone loss, fat redistribution, and a slowing of the rate of how our skin produces collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins in our skin that give it fullness, spring and bounce. Around age 30, our rate of producing these fibers almost grinds to a halt. The result? Skin that starts to sag, hallows under our eyes, a gaunt appearance. Thankfully, there is much we can do!

Solutions: Dermal Fillers are one of the most effective options to restore lost volume to the skin. These products are commonly comprised of HA’s, or hyaluronic acid compounds which draw water to themselves. The result? Plump, lifted skin and enhanced, more youthful contours to your face. Increase your results by having a licensed esthetician prescribe appropriate homecare products such as retinols, growth factors, or the newest products that contain 4th generation stem cells.

Meet with a Face Cosmetic Skincare Licensed Esthetician to get started on your journey to truly healthy and beautiful skin!