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3 Simple Skincare Tips for the Man Who Wants to Look Great!

Man receiving skincare treatment

The day and age of clear, glowing and healthy skin being an only female pursuit are long gone. Men are one of the fastest growing demographics in not only the skincare product industry ($121 billion sold in mens’ skincare in 2016!), but also the skin TREATMENT industry. In some cities, you’ll find just as many men in the waiting room of a medical spa as you will women. Men are starting to think proactively about aging and are scheduling monthly treatments with an esthetician to both improve and maintain their skin’s health. There’s no need to be intimated though guys! The road to great skin health and appearance doesn’t have to be a bumpy one nor complex. Here’s 3 simple steps you can take to easily improve your skin’s health and appearance in less than one hour a month!

STEP 1 : Out with the Old & In with the New (Exfoliation)

The human skin sheds about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells each MINUTE. The rate at which these dead cells detach from our skin slows with age. If we don’t do anything to help them along in saying “sayonara” they tend to stick around and leave our complexions muddy and dull. These excess cells can also lead to blackheads and skin congestion. Exfoliating products help to either “bump off” these dead cells or dissolve them through safe chemical reactions with our skin. The result? Smooth, bright and soft skin.

Many men prefer the feel of a gentle scrub to use 2 times a week as their exfoliating step. This is massaged into the skin for at least 30 seconds while you are showering. As a plus, do this stage before shaving to get an incredibly close shave! Exfoliation knocks off dead skin cells around your hair follicles and can discourage nicks during shaving and ingrown hairs! (pssst….if you suffer from ingrown hairs on your neckline, ask your Face Cosmetic Skincare Esthetician about laser hair reduction for this area!)

Want to try an exfoliating cleanser from our Face Rx Skincare line? We recommend: Face Rx POLISHED Skin Cleanser

STEP 2 : Protect your Assets (Sun Protection & Hydration)

What’s the point of achieving healthy and strong skin if you don’t protect it? Two of your worst skin liabilities are the sun and dryness. We know, you hate the feeling of thick, tacky creams on your face when you’re outdoors during the Summer. But, it’s the 21st Century and sunscreens have come a LONG way. Plus, many of them are now multi-takers that double as your antioxidant and moisturizer!

The sun’s harmful rays break down the collagen and elastin in our skin. These are the components that keep our skin plump and wrinkle free. UV exposure can also lead to other conditions that lead men to age prematurely such as dark spots, broken blood vessels and deep cross-hatch wrinkling. In addition, the sun can also zap our skin of moisture, leaving us dry (lacking oil) and/or dehydrated (lacking water). Skin that is depleted of hydration will show more fine lines, wrinkles and lack vitality and youthfulness. A light moisturizer can help balance your skin and leave you looking hydrated, NOT greasy.

Looking for a sunscreen that dries quickly, isn’t greasy and won’t make your breakout? We recommend: Face Rx “SHEER ARMOR SPF 50” Physical Sunscreen

Think it’s time to try a lightweight moisturizer and get balanced? We recommend: Face Rx “NOURISH” Hydration Serum

STEP 3 : Get Multi-Tasking! (Hydrafacial MD®)

Do you like the idea of partnering with a professional who gets to know your skin and can coach you through your best options, but the idea of going to a spa and changing into a robe makes you cringe? Fret not! There are clinical treatments that are fast, treat multiple concerns, AND require NO COSTUME CHANGE!

Hydrafacial MD is quickly becoming a favorite treatment among men across the country. This 5-in-1 treatment takes little time to do, but yields huge results when done regularly. This 30-45-minute treatment includes a deep cleansing, a physical exfoliation, a gentle chemical exfoliation via chemical peel, extractions of blackheads and a deep moisture infusion. It’s literally like a one stop shop for your skin! Hydrafacial MD can also be customized to address any specific concerns you may have about your skin such as acne, sun damage or premature aging.

Like the idea of partnering with a Face Cosmetic Skincare Esthetician? She’ll meet with you monthly and adjust your treatment plan to suit your skin’s needs, your lifestyle AND your budget! Call 651.632.9700 to get started!

As the largest organ of our body and the only one we’ve got, or skin is worth investing in. We need to look after it and take care of it! Our skin mirrors who we are and acts like a canvas that tells the unique story of our lives. Whether our wrinkles reflect a lifetime of hardship or laughter, your skin impacts how others perceive you. Investing just a little time and effort into how your care for your skin will keep it healthy and strong for years to come!