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Formally known as rhytidectomies, our Eagan & Woodbury facelift services are designed to improve the shape and youthfulness of a person’s face. As we age, our face goes from being heart-shaped to being more rectangular. This is the price we pay for aging, as we lose fat and bone from the upper part of our face, and our skin becomes less resilient.

In general, a facelift from our St Paul area clinics will take 10 years off a person’s perceived age. Patients often wonder when they are “old enough” for a rhytidectomy. Studies show that younger patients are actually happier with the results of their facelift than older patients. This is partly because the skin-quality is better in a 55-year old compared to a 70-year old. Also, 55 year-olds are often able to enjoy the results of their facelift for a longer period of time.

A “midface” lift is a procedure designed to recreate the youthful “apple” of the cheek. There are many types of midface lifts including open and endoscopic techniques. Midface lifts used to be much more common before the advent of injectable fillers (examples: Juvederm, Voluma) and more successful fat grafting techniques. Now, midface lifts are rarely necessary as fat or filler can yield as good a result in a quicker and safer fashion.

There are literally hundreds of names for different kinds of facelifts. However, facelifts can generally be broken down into three types: SMAS lifts, deep plane lifts, and short-scar lifts. A particular patient may be a better candidate for a certain type of facelift.

A primary goal of a rhytidectomy is to improve jowling and loose skin in the lower face and neck. In other words, a facelift always includes a necklift. That said, there are additional procedures that can be performed that are more targeted to the neck. Call us today to learn more about our affordably-priced procedures.

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