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We provide a range of earlobe repair and ear reshaping surgeries at our Woodbury and Eagan clinics. It is not uncommon for women who wear earrings to suffer from stretched or torn earlobes. This may be due to heavy earrings, gauges, or from trauma caused by earrings becoming caught in clothing or other objects as well as being pulled on by a child.

Earlobe surgery is a simple procedure that can help to repair stretched or torn earlobes. Ear reshaping may be conveniently performed in our facial plastics clinic in Woodbury, MN. Local anesthesia is used and the procedure may be performed in under an hour. During the earlobe surgery, the skin lining the tear is removed to create a raw edge that is stitched closed in multiple layers.

After the ear reshaping procedure, there is generally minimal to no pain. Any discomfort that patients do experience can usually be relieved with over the counter medication. The earlobe will need to be washed regularly and kept clean for a period of time and you may need to apply antibiotic ointment. Surface sutures are usually removed within one week.

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