I saw Dr. Christopher Tolan at both the Woodbury and Eagan locations to remove a benign pillar cyst (bump from ingrown hair follicle) that had developed on the left side of the bridge of my nose, where glasses would sit. This was an extremely slow growing “hard ball” under the skin, that took 15 years to get big enough to be noticeable to others. I had asked my Mayo Clinic doctor about the bump a few years ago, and he said, “yea, it’s just a cyst.” Once it was large enough that it was bothering me and many were commenting on it, I knew it I wanted it to be removed and I asked my doctor who should I go to? Without any hesitation he said from his memory, “You want to go to Christopher Tolan”. After a free initial consultation, I felt confident in his skills, his facility, his reputation and his professional team. A few weeks later, the surgery took place in Woodbury at their surgery center, and it took about 1 hour. It was easy, painless and not scary. The entire surgery team was professional, friendly and put me at ease. I was not in much pain afterwords, and went to work the next day. They sent the cyst off to the lab, just to make sure it was benign, and they called a week later to confirm that. I am thrilled with the cosmetic look of the final look of the incision and scar. It will only keep getting more invisible as time goes on. It’s as good as I hoped and nearly invisible. I had three followup appointments with him at the Eagan location which is very close to my work. After about 4 months I am done with follow up appointments. Thanks Dr. Tolan! I am glad I found you and trusted my face to your expertise and surgery skills!