My experience with this office was TOPS from the first phone call for setting an appointment, to the receptionist at the front desk when I arrived, to the nurse who took me back to the studio and prepared me, and to the doctor who did my surgical procedure. I am extremely grateful and happy for my entire experience with MFPS and the results of Dr. Griffin’s precision work which removed a lump from the center of my face with minimal scarring (in fact it is practically invisible, amazing). I am most pleased and delighted. It was the best health care experience I have had all year–a total success. I have been proud of Dr. Griffin’s work (since the moment I took off the bandage some days after the procedure), and I have been singing his praises ever since, referring my friends to Dr. Griffin for their future reference, should they ever need a facial plastic surgeon. Thank you so very much for your professional expertise and help! I feel greatly relieved, happy, and confident for all that we accomplished together. It was great team work, a winner solution. I cannot think of one thing to improve my experience. Keep up the great work. I will be happy to come again if/as needed.