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You’ve secured the perfect venue for your Wedding Day. You scored your absolute dream dress. Your updo appointment date is booked with your favorite stylist. Almost all of your “To Do’s” are checked off your list except the final “I DO!” But, what about your skin? Wedding planning is stressful stuff! Unfortunately, this stress can wreak havoc on your skin. No worries though! The Licensed Estheticians” at Face Cosmetic Skincare have the perfect products and treatments to ensure your skin is flawless on your big day!

“Ideally, I like to start with my brides AT LEAST six months before their wedding,” advises Amie, a Licensed Esthetician with Face Cosmetic Skincare. “A year is optimal if we are doing any laser treatments like IPL for pigmentation,” she continues, “the more time we have the better, as it allows us to see how a bride’s skin responds to each treatment and gives ample time for final results to be seen.”

“I have my ‘Wedding Trifecta’ of treatments I absolutely love for brides which includes HydraFacial MD®, SkinPen® Microneedling and Dermablading,” shares Amie. “I start the SkinPen® Microneedling every 4-6 weeks about 6-12 months out from the wedding to ensure that skin is smooth, plump and firm and pores appear less noticeable. We either swap this for intervals of HydraFacial MD® to treat acne, pigmentation and hydration, or start a HydraFacial MD® series 4 months before the wedding every 3-4 weeks. The Dermablading treatment, 2-3 days before the wedding, is the icing on the cake, as removing the soft vellus hair from the face allows makeup to set flawlessly on the big day!” Amie continues, “So basically, we start SkinPen® 6-12 months out from your wedding, HydraFacial MD® 4-6 months out and perform a HydraFacial MD® with Dermablading 2-4 days before your wedding – sometimes closer!”

The trio of treatments that Amie recommends is quickly becoming the gold standard for many brides to get their skin in shape before their weddings. The HydraFacial MD® treatment is unique in that it can address MULTIPLE concerns at once. These include conditions such as blackheads/congestion, acne, pigmentation/sun damage and dehydration. Results are progressive, so it’s important to start months before your wedding to ensure that perfectly hydrated Wedding Day GLOW! Many brides find that their skin tolerates the treatment so well that they get their last HydraFacial the day before their wedding!

Brides that battle acne scarring, enlarged pores, and/or fine lines may find a wonderful solution in SkinPen® Microneedling. This treatment involves the use of several small, surgical grade needles, which travel over the skin forming micro-injuries. In turn, your skin responds by invoking its wound healing cycle which builds up collagen and elastin, making your skin plumper, smoother and firmer! When performed in a series of treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, SkinPen® can have a dramatic smoothing and tightening effect on the skin. Because results take time to fully unfold, it is best to start SkinPen® 6 to 12 months out from your wedding.

Dermablading is a favorite for many patients wanting to simply look their best for a special occasion! This treatment implements the use of a rounded surgical scalpel blade that is skillfully stroked over the skin to remove dead skin cell build up and peach fuzz, or vellus hair. The result? Skin that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Why do brides and makeup artists love Dermablading? It creates a smooth, even canvas for makeup to adhere too and set upon. This makes your bridal makeup last longer and prevents peach fuzz from refracting light, or giving a halo effect in your wedding pictures! Once a Licensed Esthetician sees how your skin responds to Dermablading, she may recommend it as close as 2 days before your wedding and even choose to combine the treatment with a HydraFacial or facial!

“The products you use on your skin 6-12 months out from your wedding are just as important as the treatments you receive, in fact, they can make your treatments MORE successful,” instructs Cyndi, also a Licensed Esthetician at Face Cosmetic Skincare. “It takes time for conditions such as acne and sun damage to respond to topical ingredients, so it is best to meet with a Licensed Esthetician well before your wedding to set up a customized plan,” she continues, “most of the brides I work with are predominately concerned with being free from acne on their face, chest and back on the big day, as well as having an even skin tone and being hydrated and glowing. As a result, I find myself recommending cleansers and serums with ingredients such as salicylic acid to combat acne, brightening ingredients like kojic acid, or hydroquinone for sun damage, and lots of hyaluronic acid serums to keep skin looking dewy and hydrated!”

When all is said and done, your skin should be the LAST thing you’re concerned about on your wedding day. With just a little bit of planning and the partnership of a Licensed Esthetician, you can ensure radiant and glowing skin on one of the happiest days of your life!

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