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Midwest Facial Plastics goes “All-Inclusive”

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Celebrate a new caliber of patient care with our unparalleled comprehensive approach

Do you remember your last vacation at that all-inclusive resort? The airline tickets were bundled in, taking care of the hassle of haggling with your airline miles points. All meals were buffet style so you had a choice of what you felt like that evening at dinner. Your fancy blue cocktails were brought poolside without the need for stressing about tip percentages. There is a reason why people love the ease and simplicity of all-inclusive luxury. So, what if you could extend these privileges to your skin?

“We knew very early on that we wanted our approach to skin health to be different than any other practice in the area,” states Dr. Tolan of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. “As a surgeon, I was seeing the difference great skin care was making in my patients’ outcomes with surgery and recovery,” he continues. “Patients who were religiously meeting with an esthetician to enhance the health and appearance of their skin were getting better surgical outcomes and maintaining the results of the treatments they had already received,” he shares.

The physicians at Midwest Facial Plastics knew that they were onto an approach that would greatly improve not only their surgical outcomes, but also patient satisfaction. Thus, they opened an entire esthetic department (FACE Cosmetic Skincare) to their surgical practice, hired some of the best estheticians in the area, and even started their own skincare line to care for their patients.

“We have a really comprehensive approach to taking care of the WHOLE patient,” says Sara Manulikow, an esthetician with FACE Cosmetic Skincare. “Every patient starts with a thorough consultation to discuss the current state of their skin, their concerns and their goals,” she continues. “Gathering this information allows us to form a partnership with the patient and devise a strategy for them that fits their lifestyle, budget and overall goals” she advises. “Every treatment we do has our skincare line, FACE Rx, bundled into it to ensure that patients are properly caring for their skin before, during, and after their procedures,” says Sara.

As an extension of this high caliber of care, Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery has also introduced an annual skin membership. Costing less than $100 per month, this membership entitles the patient to savings of 40% on all esthetic skincare services and 15% off on all skincare products. For many patients, this amounts to thousands of dollars in saving each year.

“Our MRewards Program takes all the guesswork out of getting your best skin ever,” says Sara excitingly! “Your esthetician will literally act as your skin concierge and will tweak your monthly treatments and skincare regime to adjust to exactly what YOUR skin needs,” she continues. “Our surgical patients opt in to make sure they are protecting the investment of their surgery and our patients who are diligent with the program, should they opt to ever get a surgical procedure, tend to have much better outcomes because their skin is in such fantastic health,” she concludes.

This comprehensive approach is truly reflective of the exceptional care each patient receives at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery and FACE Cosmetic Skincare. Each patient is unique! Therefore, their approach needs to be customized – down to the facial cleanser, to truly let their best skin shine through!

Curious about reaching your ultimate beauty potential? Call now to schedule a complimentary consultation with a FACE Cosmetic Skincare esthetician or a Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery physician to get you on the fast track to your best self! 651.632.9700